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‘Duck Dynasty’: Miss Kay Reveals Gruesome Aftermath of Dog Bite Injury

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic)

It was reported early this year Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty was rushed to the hospital after a brutal dog attack. She recently spoke out about the attack, in all its gruesome details.

Speaking together on their YouTube channel, the Duck Dynasty crew discussed numerous topics spanning nearly an hour. A few minutes in, Miss Kay spoke out about the dog incident and how she handled it. “I mean, it was like, I looked like a monster,” Miss Kay explained when she went into the hospital.

“But the surgeon who came in at St. Francis said ‘Miss Kay, you’re going to be shocked how well these lips will heal.'” For those who don’t know, Miss Kay reported going down to give her sleeping dog, Bobo, a kiss. Her doing so must have startled it, as it lunged and bit her fiercely on the lips. After Phil saw it, he said there was a huge chunk of her lip missing.

After hearing what the surgeon said, Miss Kay thought it was just to make her feel better. “And I thought, he’s just trying to make me feel good. I mean, you know, I was in such shock, I never even cried with all that. I didn’t even cry, it’s like I was in shock,” she stated.

Phil joked he thought some botox would fix it right up, but she “pulled out the Mabelline,” and things are better now. With the mood clearly light, Miss Kay’s children referenced how accident-prone she is. It’s apparently gotten to the point where if she goes anywhere, they ask if she got hurt.

Noting her resilience, everyone there says it’s difficult to tell she even suffered an injury.

Miss Kay Talks About Her Secret Regarding Her Marriage with Phil Robertson

If there’s one thing Duck Dynasty watchers likely know, it’s how much Miss Kay and Phil Robertson care for one another. In an interview last month, she revealed the secret to her long marriage with Phil.

Appearing on Duck Call Room, Miss Kay and Phil fielded quite a few topics, one of which was their marriage. The two have had their ups and downs, to say the least, but Miss Kay spoke about how relationships really are and they require work.

“As somebody that’s been together since teenager years, with mine it’s been ups and downs and all that. But, I wouldn’t take, I wouldn’t take my life for another life at all,” she stated. “I’d go through all the pain again – all that stuff.”

Their bond extends besides being best friends, with her saying they’re on the same wavelength mentally. “But, you know what, because we’re not just best friends. We’re so close, we even think what the other one’s saying.”