‘Duck Dynasty’: Miss Kay Robertson Rushed To the Hospital After Dog Attack

by Quentin Blount

Duck Dynasty matriarch Kay Robertson had to be hospitalized on Tuesday night after the family’s dog, Bobo, bit off a chunk of her lip.

She is known by most Duck Dynasty fans as Miss Kay. But the 73-year-old is now back at home and said to be resting comfortably after the incident. It was her husband, fellow Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, who detailed what exactly happened that night. He and Jase Robertson spoke about the dog attack on the latest episode of their Unashamed podcast.

It all started when Miss Kay met Phil in bed with a rag covering her mouth. She told him that she needed a ride to the emergency room.

“I said, ‘Move that rag a minute,'” Phil Robertson recalled. “She takes the rag off her face. And I’m looking at her top lip, which was split in two, about a quarter of an inch. That’s a big cut.”

Phil was also joined by his sons, Jase and Alan Robertson, on the most recent episode of Unashamed. Jase gave his initial thoughts when he heard what had happened.

“There were two things that popped into my head, because I know my dad well,” Jase said. “I thought, ‘If my dad drove my mom to the hospital, this is bad. ‘Cause this is the same guy who, if you don’t have a body part detached, or you are not bleeding profusely, he’s like, ‘Ahhh, you’ll be alright.'”

That’s when Phil chimed in. The Duck Dynasty star and Duck Commander said that he could see right away that his wife’s injury was serious.

“Her bottom lip, over on the right side, there was just a chunk gone. Bleeding profusely is an understatement,” he said.

How Did ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Miss Kay Get Bit?

Evidently, the family dog, Bobo, bit Miss Kay as she was leaning down to give him a goodnight kiss. She told her husband Phil that she must have startled the sleeping dog, which caused him to snap. After the event unfolded, Phil reminded his wife of an old saying.

“She said, ‘You make sure you tell them boys don’t put him to sleep. Don’t hurt that dog because it wasn’t his fault. I said, ‘Well, it was his fault alright.’ But I said the old saying, ‘Miss Kay, let a sleeping dog lie. You need to remember that,” Robertson said.

As for Miss Kay, the popular Duck Dynasty figure is doing her best to relax and recover at home. She had to receive stitches due to her facial wounds and will likely be wearing a face mask for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, Phil and Kay’s other son, Alan Robertson, indicated that Bobo has since “apologized” to Miss Kay. And that he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

“First thing she told Dad when she came in,” Alan Robertson noted, “She said ‘I just want you to know that Bobo met me at the truck and he apologized.”