‘Duck Dynasty’: Miss Kay Robertson Reveals Her Secret To a Long Marriage with Phil Robertson

by Keeli Parkey

One thing that was clear in pretty much every episode of “Duck Dynasty” was just how much Phil Robertson and his wife, Miss Kay Robertson, love one another. Theirs is a relationship that is built on mutual respect, admiration, and decades shared together.

Being together for as long as they have is not without its challenges. The heads of the “Duck Dynasty” family have been married for many decades. Miss Kay was only 16 years old at the time of their wedding.

Like most relationships, the one shared by Phil and Miss Kay was not without its challenges. However, the famous reality stars were able to make their way through it all. During a recent appearance on the Duck Call Room, Miss Kay talked about how to have a successful marriage.

She began her comments on marriage by addressing the reality that relationships, including the one she had with Phil Robertson, can be very difficult. In the end, however, Miss Kay is happy with how things turned out.

“As somebody that’s been together since teenager years, with mine it’s been ups and downs and all that. But, I wouldn’t take, I wouldn’t take my life for another life at all,” the “Duck Dynasty” matriarch shared. “I’d go through all the pain again – all that stuff.”

Miss Kay also said that she and Phil share a very close bond with one another. “But, you know what, because we’re not just best friends. We’re so close, we even think what the other one’s saying,” she explained.

The “Duck Dynasty” star also said that a successful marriage takes a very serious commitment from those involved. It also takes a willingness to really give of yourself. “And if you want that, then you’ve got to go into it with a humble spirit. And to say, ‘I want to join in forever,'” Miss Kay shared.

Miss Kay Said Their Christian Faith Helped During Her Marriage to Phil Robertson

Miss Kay also said that she and Phil Robertson have relied on their Christian faith during their marriage. It is their faith that has helped sustain them, according to the “Duck Dynasty” star.

“It needs to be a triangle. You need to have God at the top and each of you all on down there like a triangle. (If you do that) then you’re going to make it,” she shared.

You can watch a clip of what “Duck Dynasty” star Miss Kay Robertson had to say thanks to a social media post shared by her brother-in-law. That relative is, of course, Phil’s brother Si Robertson. “It’s Kay and Phil together fighting whatever the world throws at them,” Uncle shared on Instagram on Thursday, Sept. 2. You can watch the clip of Miss Kay below.