‘Duck Dynasty’: Miss Kay Robertson Speaks Out After Dog Attack, Says It Was Like a ‘Horror Film’

by Quentin Blount

After getting bit by the family dog, Duck Dynasty star Kay Robertson is speaking out about what happened and the silver lining that can come from it.

By now, Duck Dynasty fans have probably heard what happened to the 73-year-old matriarch. Kay Robertson — widely referred to as “Miss Kay” — was bit in the mouth by her own dog, Bobo. And we aren’t talking just a little nip here. Her husband Phil Robertson said that “her lip was split in two” and that “there was a chunk gone” from her bottom lip. Miss Kay said that she was leaning down to give him a goodnight kiss when the incident took place.

Miss Kay Calls Into the ‘Duck Call Room’

Duck Dynasty’s Kay Robertson is now back at home and resting comfortably after getting stitched up. Although still in some pain, she was able to call into the Duck Call Room podcast which features Si Robertson (Uncle Si), Martin, John David, and another employee named Dan.

Miss Kay just so happened to call Dan in the middle of the podcast. And of course, he had to call her back to see how she was doing. While the crew was waiting for her to pick up, Uncle Si gave his listeners a few words of advice in the wake of what had happened.

“This is for dog lovers,” Uncle Si says. “Do not kiss your pet while he’s asleep. You scared him and he wakes up and bites you. That’s what happened to Miss Kay.”

After a few moments, Miss Kay finally picks up the phone. The guys tell her to say hi to the listeners and put her on speakerphone. She says that she is a “not improved, but different lookin’ Miss Kay. “

In the background, Uncle Si yells out, “Miss Kay you are still sweet and lovely!” She went on to kid around about her new look by saying, “I thought I was watching a horror film, but then I realized it was me.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Says There is a Silver Lining in What Happened

There aren’t too many people out there who would be thinking about others after just getting a chunk of their lip bit off. But that’s exactly what Duck Dynasty’s Miss Kay is doing. She wants what happened to her to be a lesson to others.

“I’m sure God has a plan with this,” Miss Kay told the guys on Duck Call Room. “I’m gonna help somebody just ’cause I went through this, that’s what I’m hoping for. [Doctor] said in a week I won’t be sore, but right now I’m in pain. You know what? I learned that you can live in pain. Maybe that’s part of my learning lesson. I can comfort other people that had something like this happen.”