‘Duck Dynasty’: Miss Kay Shares The ‘Secret’ Recipe to Her Famous Biscuits

by Josh Lanier

Miss Kay, the matriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, is letting the world in on her secret to creating her special homemade biscuits.

The recipe starts normal enough. She put four cups of her favorite biscuit mix into a large bowl. Then she adds two cups of sour cream.

“You think you wouldn’t like it, but when it mixes up in the biscuits, you won’t even know it’s there,” she said. But then she takes a strange turn.

The Duck Dynasty star adds Sprite to the mix. She doesn’t give any specific amounts. She said she more or less eyeballs it, but be careful. Too much soda and the biscuits won’t stay together. Too little, and there was no point in adding the Sprite in the first place.

She turns all this out onto her workspace and folds the dough over and over. The secret, she said, is to have a pre-warmed skillet with melted butter covering the bottom.

Cut out the biscuits into whatever shape you prefer and put them into the buttered skillet. Place the skillet into a preheated oven for 20 minutes or until browned. She doesn’t give a temperature, so it’s probably safe to follow the instructions on the biscuit mix box.

Phil Robertson Of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Talks Hamburgers

Phil Robertson is very particular about his hamburgers. So, he recently shared his method for creating the perfect burgers for Memorial Day.

He shared a video where he walks fans through his recipe step-by-step.

Step 1: Make sure all of your ingredients are fresh.

“If you’re going to have hamburgers, buy your lettuce, tomatoes, meat, buy everything the same day you’re going to make the burgers. Fresh,” Robertson said.

Step 2: Take a cast-iron skillet or heavy-bottomed pan and “get it ripping hot.” “When you’re cooking hamburgers and you want to cook them right, you have to have the fire so hot that you will have a smoke-filled room,”

Splash in enough peanut oil — or canola oil if your allergic to peanuts — to lightly coat the bottom of the pan. Once the pan starts to smoke, it’s time to break out the meat.

Step 3: Take a handful of meat and smash it into a patty. “Don’t overwork it,” he says. Just shape it into a patty and press it down. Place that in the hot pan. He says to avoid having any thick pieces of meat. It needs to cook fast. So keep them thin.

Step 4: Flip the patty ONCE and then season with salt and black pepper. Add your cheese to the patties and put the hamburger bun bottoms on top of that. In a separate pan, toast the tops of your buns.

After that, assemble with your favorite condiments and enjoy.