‘Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Captures ‘Rewarding and Disappointing’ Moments in One Day of ‘Farm Life’

by Liz Holland

“Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson shared an emotional anecdote about farm life on Instagram Friday night. The former reality TV star shared a snap of her farm view, a photo she says was taken just moments before she received terrible news. 

“Moments before they discovered the 2nd stillborn baby goat in the goat pen in the last 10 days,” the caption reads. 

The 50-year-old reflected on the duality of farm life, and how layered the experience can be.

“Farm life can be rewarding and disappointing in the same day,” Robertson reflected. “We literally spent the entire day watching out our windows, no TV, no music. Just watching creation unfold. I watched a sacrificial mama choose to stay with her baby while the rest of the herd lavishes in greener pastures. Jase gathered fresh eggs from the chickens who escaped the grip of predators lurking the coop in the night. We went to bed last night while Cole stalked predators in the midnight hours who chose not to appear in the cold temps on our mountain-top. While this may seem all too traumatic, I assure you it’s real.”

Missy Robertson Says Farm Life Is Better Than Any Movie You Could Watch

Despite the morbidity Robertson describes, she says she finds the beauty in it all. According to her, there’s no need for on-screen entertainment when you can watch nature’s phenomenon unfold.

“God’s design is beautiful, traumatic, sad, dramatic and more realistic than any sci-fi movie that has ever been released by the Hollywood elite. He (God, Creator, Designer) knows His creation and loves them (Us) more than anything else. What an amazing God we serve!”

Some of Missy Robertson’s followers commented on their own experiences with farm life, welcoming the mother of 4 to Tennessee. 

“So true! We waited almost a year for our girl to have her first alpaca baby. Watched for it for weeks only to come home to a stillborn little boy. So disappointing & sad for us & mama. She mourned him for weeks after that sitting in the spot where we found him,” one user recalled with a tearful looking emoji. 

Another follower commented how when they grew up on a farm, one of the most exciting parts of their day was checking to see how many eggs they got that morning. They recalled that their farm also had fruit trees that sprouted lemons year round. They wrote, “Nothing like homegrown food and fresh squeeze lemonade!”

Robertson’s Initiative to Help Women in Need

In the years since “Duck Dynasty’s” cancellation, Missy Robertson has shifted her focus to her religious faith and her family. She also had her own four-part series, “Restored.” The series focused on Robertson’s journey with opening her own jewelry store, employing women in need and giving them a second chance at life. Many of the women were overcoming addiction and abusive situations.

 “These women have fought through opioid addiction, through incarceration, some in prison for drunk driving and killing a friend and being pushed out onto the side of the road and being basically sold by pimps, sold by their own parents, sold by themselves in order to get that next fix,” Robertson told FOX news about the women. The series shared these women’s untold experiences.