‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Missy Robertson Pens Emotional Words Reflecting on ‘Life Before 9/11 and Life After’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/NASCAR via Getty Images)

This weekend will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our country. Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson spoke about her personal experience. Everyone that remembers the attacks has a story about where they were. They know what they were wearing, what they were doing, and all the details. Really, it is a testament to the national trauma suffered that day.

Over on her Twitter, Robertson shared a small message and a blog post. She has run her own personal blog for quite some time. She shares thoughts, stories, feelings, and moreover on her site. For her, it isn’t just about where you were on 9/11, but where were you on 9/12?

There is no doubt that the memory of 9/11 lives in the hearts and minds of those who witnessed the attacks. All across the country, citizens watched in horror as the first and then the second plane collided with the towers. Television and radio hosts stayed on the air for hours, all day. For Missy Robertson, the Duck Dynasty star remembers a very familiar situation.

“I started crying and Jase became visibly angry. He left the house for Duck Commander (still located at his parents’ house) because he couldn’t bare [sic] to watch after the first tower fell. I sat on the end of my coffee table and watched Shepherd Smith for hours.”

Those images, the people, the sounds, that never leaves. Even 20 years later, America has Never Forgotten and will Never Forget for years to come.

Missy Robertson ‘Farm Livin” in Tennessee

While everyone knows Missy Robertson and the rest of the Duck Dynasty family live down in Louisiana. However, it seems that Missy and Jase are spending more time further up north. It appears that the couple has purchased a farm outside of Nashville and they have been loving life on the farm. Not to mention, oldest son Reed is expecting his first child with his wife Brighton.

So, it looks like they got the farm just in time to be grandparents. The move was motivated in part by Reed living in Nashville already. Missy made it clear that the couple is not leaving their Louisiana home, simply expanding their nest. They look to have chickens and even a herd of dairy goats.

Literally, nothing beats farm fresh eggs and hopefully, they are getting some milk from those dairy goats. Fresh goat’s cheese is ridiculous, not to mention homemade butter and other goodies. It looks like they have a healthy mix of birds with all kinds of colors in their basket. Those green and blue eggs just pop on the screen.

While Duck Dynasty is staying in Louisiana, Missy Robertson and Jase are venturing out a bit. Having a place to stay close to their oldest child and future grandbaby is a huge bonus.