‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson Explains How ‘Manhood Is Slipping Away’ in New Video

by Josh Lanier

Phil Robertson’s father, James, once years ago interrupted a domino game, quietly went to the bathroom, and pulled a tooth out of his jaw that had been bothering him. The Duck Dynasty patriarch said his dad didn’t complain, he didn’t whine about the pain he was having or the pain of pulling the tooth. He just threw it away and got back to the game of dominoes.

A few weeks ago, Phil Robertson was also having some tooth pain, he explained in a YouTube video. He considered following in his dad’s footsteps and using a pair of pliers to handle the situation. But instead, he decided to go to the dentist.

“I said manhood is slipping away,” he thought, remembering his dad’s method.

The dentist prescribed antibiotics, which the Duck Dynasty dad refused to take at first. But his wife, Miss Kay, eventually read him the riot act, and he took them. And the dentist wouldn’t pull the tooth until the infection was under control.

After taking the pills, the dentist called him back into the office to pull the tooth. He offered Robertson some deadening agent and later some pain killers. Robertson only took one of the painkillers he made sure to point out.

All of that, Robertson said, for one tooth. There were weeks of pain and multiple dentist visits. However, Roberson felt his dad solved the problem in a few minutes with a pair of pliers and an iron-will constitution.

Robertson said he told that story not to say dentists and doctors were bad. But Roberson felt that they can only temporarily heal you physically and give you more time on Earth. Robertson said finding salvation through Jesus was the only way to heal the spirit and live forever.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Says American Needs More Men

Phil Robertson posted an Instagram video recently espousing the need for more toughness in this country. “America needs more manliness. More boldness. More GRIT!” he captioned it.

The man of 1,000 metaphors used coffee to explain why America, in his opinion, is losing its power on the world stage.

“You know why I like my coffee black? Because I drink it as it is. I drink it as it is,” he said. “What we need is more men in America that tell it like it is. They do what is right no matter where they are. They are what they are. We’re losing that at an alarming rate. Maybe some will consider getting back to it.”

The Duck Dynasty patriarch said men must start “acting like men.” Though, he didn’t expound on what he meant.

“But it’s a hard sell in America,” he said. “Everybody’s turned left, and the next thing you know, grown men are acting like women — scared of a black cup of coffee. It’s pathetic to watch.”