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‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson Drops Moving Father’s Day Message With New Family Photo

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images for A&E Networks

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson is celebrating Father’s Day by highlighting how blessed he is to be the patriarch of the Robertson clan. As with most things that Robertson does, there’s an associating passage of Scripture from the bible.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it,” Robertson quoted from Proverbs before getting personal.

Robertson is the father of four children. Over the years, he’s got the chance to watch as his sons grew and started families of their own. Now, his grandchildren are too spreading their wings as well. It’s true that the Robertson clan is bigger than ever.

“As I grew into my role as a father, I wanted to teach my boys about the fruit of a virtuous life. I wanted them to develop good character so they might walk in the blessings of the Almighty. So I did what any other godly river rat with a commercial fishing license might do. I put my boys to work,” Robertson wrote on Instagram.

Phil Robertson Shares Lessons of Fatherhood

Phil Robertson wanted to lead by example in his children’s lives. For instance, he wanted them to be hardworking and honest. The “Duck Dynasty” patriarch said he refrained from cursing in front of his sons. Instead, he said he taught them the Gospel and living an honest life.

“I taught them that a commitment to the life of Christ meant a commitment to keep his words, to pattern our lives after his,” Robertson continued.

Robertson also taught the value of the dollar, he said. That certainly helped when the Robertsons starred in the popular reality show “Duck Dynasty” in the 2000s. But Robertson never wanted his sons to get caught up in the excesses of fame.

“I taught them to work hard and save their money. I taught them to live moral lives. But I taught them to be kind and respectful to others too. I forbade them from sassing Miss Kay, and they wouldn’t have considered sassing me. They were also taught to respect their teachers at school and church. They were warned against lashing out in anger and told that if they came to blows, there’d be swift punishment by the man of the house — me,” he continued.

But more importantly, Robertson taught his children about the joys of duck hunting. After all, hunting has been a tradition passed from father to son over the years. And the Robertson sons have in turn passed on their passions to their own children. Now, the Robertsons continue to share Phil’s teachings with others across the country.