‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson Says ‘Gunsmoke’s Matt Dillon Character Reflects ‘Law and Order’

by Halle Ames

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson says Gunsmoke’s Matt Dillon character reflects biblical “law and order.”

Phil Robertson’s Comments on ‘Gunsmoke’

In Phil and Jase Robertson’s podcast Unashamed from March 31, the father-son duo dish on the 1955 series Gunsmoke. Phil gives some interesting advice for those trying to learn about Jesus.

One character, in particular, tried to keep the peace in Dodge City, and Phil Robertson applauds him for his efforts.

“My humble advice is for everybody, all of you, is to read the book of John to find out who Jesus is and what grace is all about. And then you must, for one year, watch at least 100 episodes of Gunsmoke and Matt Dillon, and you’ll see what law and order is all about, and it’s not an outdated cultural depiction.”

Clearly by the look on his face, Phil’s comments were not exactly where Jase thought his father was going when he started talking about Jesus. Jesus and Matt Dillon, both battling evil in their own ways.

Phil Robertson continues, explaining all the sins that Marshal Matt Dillon, played by James Arness, has to deal with. He may take things to extremes, but Robertson says he is what “law and order is all about.”

“So you got John and Matt Dillon. You study both of them, 100 episodes at the minimum because what Matt deals with in a law and order perspective is every known sin to mankind. They were full of envy, hatred, murder, strife, deceit, coveting. Everything is in Matt Dillon. He steps in as the law, and he will put a bullet in you very quickly if you’re doing any of this mischief. Good, Matt Dillion. Bad, the evil one and all the sins, and it’s every episode.”

And Jase Says You’ve Lost Him

Two of Phil Robertson’s sons, Jase and Alan, then crack up at how their 74-year-old father just went on rant. Preaching the Bible to watching the 50s western series about outlaws.

“Here’s my take on that,” starts Jase Robertson. “You were going through about focusing on Jesus. I was ‘Amen, amen, amen,’ and then all of the sudden when you got to Matt Dillon, and then I said… well. Well, I don’t know about that.”