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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson’s Long-Lost Daughter Moving Closer to Family

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Joshua Lott / Getty Images)

Phil Robertson’s long-lost daughter, Phyllis, is moving closer to her father and the rest of the Duck Dynasty family. Al Robertson, the eldest son of Phil and Kay Robertson, revealed that his half-sister plans to relocate her family to West Monroe, La. in July.

On the Robertson family’s podcast, “Unashamed,” Phil first revealed the news about Phyllis. The 74-year-old Robertson family patriarch shared that he fathered a daughter during a difficult time in his life.

Phyllis began questioning her heritage after her child took a DNA test. When the results did not line up with what she had been told about her parentage, Phyllis began researching her past. She determined that Phil was likely her father.

Al explains that he and his brother Jase received letters from Phyllis around the same time. “Phyllis sent a letter to the church and then she also sent one to Duck Commander,” Al told Fox News. “It just so happened that we got them at the same time… and actually when he saw me reading it, he was like, ‘Oh, I got a letter that looks like that.'”

Upon receiving the letter, Phil agreed to take a DNA test. The results revealed a 99.99% match between Phil and Phyllis.

Despite the circumstances, the Robertsons immediately embraced Phyllis. “It wasn’t really hard work for it to happen,” Al said. “We just had an instant connection and we were thrilled that she found us and we found her.”

Fan Reactions to Learning about Phil’s Daughter

After sharing the news about Phyllis, Al says the Robertson family is hearing from fans and other families dealing with similar circumstances. “Mostly what we’ve received have been people that have had similar experiences, but maybe not good results, because obviously it can go sideways,” he said. “In our case, we were determined that it would be positive no matter what.”

Al continued by reflecting on his family’s past. “I realized that my parents were really going through a terrible time in their marriage,” he said. “Our family was just totally a mess. Dad was off and we didn’t really see him much. But Mom, she wasn’t drinking and drugging and living this lifestyle, so she remembered a lot more about details, about the situation.”

While most feedback has been positive, Al recognizes his family has its critics. However, he claims that many of these people are unaware of the Robertson’s history. “A few people said, ‘This guy is a hypocrite,’ or ‘I knew that they were too good to be true,'” he said. “But they didn’t really read the story or listen to the podcast because they would have known that this was dad’s previous life and he has said for 45 years that he was not a good person during this period of time.”

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