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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Says ‘Martin Luther King Jr. Had it Right’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Alex Wong/ Getty Images)

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson took to social media last night, saying Dr. King “had it right,” as the country celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The Robertson family patriarch is back to preach more of God’s word. This time, the heavily faith-based man touches on Martin Luther King and his impact on society.

Phil Robertson Emphasizes “One Race, Human Race”

In an Instagram post from last night, Phil Robertson said that Dr. King had seen things correctly and worked to promote the word of God.

“Martin Luther King Jr. had it right: We are all one under God. There’s only one race on earth — the human race — and our rights come from God.”

Phil Robertson left his home in southern Louisiana and traveled to Washington D.C to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. At the memorial stands a massive 30-foot granite statue of MLK called the “Stone of Hope.”

“Martin Luther King. His cause was just. His thinking was right. When he wrote a letter from a Birmingham jail cell, he appealed to what Thomas Jefferson said in the Declaration of Independence, namely that all men are created equal. He was right.”

Only Be Achieved Through God

The Duck Dynasty star then touches on Dr. King’s message and how it can only be achieved through God.

“Our nation had been sinning against our black brothers by denying them their civil rights. I’ve said this before, injustice, inequality, it’s only done away with when we all come together, and we share meals together, and we worship together. Under one head, even Christ.”

As Martin Luther King preached, there is no difference between skin colors. There is only one type of race, the human race, as Phil Robertson continuously exclaimed.

“You’ll all sons and daughters of God through faith in Christ Jesus for all of you that have been baptized into Christ, have clothed yourself through Christ. Therefore there is neither slave nor free, male nor female, Jew or Gentile– we’re all one through Christ. One head. There and there alone, do you really ever find total and complete equality. We’re all one, and we’re all the same worldwide. One race on the earth, it’s called the human race.”


Finally, Phil Robertson emphasizes the importance of forgiveness of one another, as it says in the Bible.

“Forgiveness is in order. If you don’t forgive your brother, then I won’t forgive you, Jesus said. Be forgiving. One thing you can be sure of, that man, Martin Luther King, understood the reading of his Bible. That’s what he appealed to, and he prevailed, rightfully so.”

At the end of the day, please be kind to one another. Regardless of religious or political affiliation, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, or anything that can be seen as dividing, just we kind. We are all just trying to make it.