‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson and Miss Kay ‘Kill The Mad’ With a Shared Sense of Humor and Laughter

by Keeli Parkey

Relationships are hard work. It’s difficult to share your life with another person, after all. But, when a relationship is healthy and happy, it’s one of the best things in life. For Phil Robertson and Miss Kay Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame, the success of their relationship is founded on love, compromise, and – without a doubt – laughter.

The famous couple shared details about how they made their marriage last during their “Dysfunction to Dynasty” series. It can be viewed on YouTube. Their comments about laughter and marriage can be viewed in the third chapter of the series.

According to Miss Kay, it has been the laughs that she and Phil have shared over the years that have sustained them through difficult times. And, she has been sharing that wisdom she has gained from their marriage to help others.

“I tell the women now that I talk to all that time you’ve got to use your sense of humor, too,” “Duck Dynasty” star Miss Kay said. “If you don’t have one, go to Walmart and get one; because you can’t make a marriage work without a sense of humor as far as we’re concerned.”

Laughter Has Helped ‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Have a Successful Marriage

Miss Kay then goes on to describe how laughing together brought her and Phil Robertson through difficult times.

“I mean there are so many times when we started off and we’re getting mad and then I may say something funny and Phil starts laughing,” Miss Kay explained.

By laughing, the couple managed to set their anger aside. By doing so, they “killed the mad,” according to Miss Kay.

“Well, you see you’ve killed the mad,” she explained. “I meant, it’s just gone.”

Laughing through struggles has been common practice in the “Duck Dynasty” household for a very long time.

“And we’ve done that so many times and we try to teach other people how to do that,” Miss Kay said. “Think about something. Is it that important to have a big knockdown drag-out or you can think of something funny and then everybody laughs and you’re all over it. We’ve done that years in a row.”

Unsurprisingly, Phil agreed with his wife.

“Good advice, Miss Kay,” he said. “Well, you live and learn. You can’t try to convince people they need to behave if you and your woman are doing the very thing that you’re telling them they shouldn’t do. …”

You can watch the famous “Duck Dynasty” duo of Phill Robertson and Miss Kay Robertson talk about how they made their relationship work below. They address how they “kill the mad” beginning around the 3:30 mark of the video.