‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson and Miss Kay Put One of Their Children On ‘House Arrest’ for Three Months

by John Jamison

As with most parents, “Duck Dynasty” stars Phil and Miss Kay have had to lay down the law for their kids once or twice over the years. And whatever they did seems to have worked, considering the whole family has found major success even outside the context of their hit show. But that doesn’t mean the Robertson boys were a bunch of little angels from the beginning. One of them even landed himself on parent-imposed house arrest for the better part of three months. Can you guess which one it was?

In a series called “Dysfunction to Dynasty” on YouTube, the Robertson family opened up about their lives. The most recently posted episode, titled “Ch. 8 Family is Dynasty: COULDN’T DO IT ALONE,” sees the “Duck Dynasty” elders answer all kinds of questions. One of them asked how the couple raised their sons to be confident. In their responses, Phil and Miss Kay referenced the discipline they instilled.

“Back in the day, if they disrespected mom, three licks. But when they hit about 15 or 16, the three licks stage passed. Then it was advice and counsel,” Phil said. “That’s the Robertson code of conduct.”

“We put one of ’em one time under house arrest. That’s Jep, though. Remember? Put him under house arrest for about a month,” Phil continued, with Kay correcting the timeline to three months. “Three months. He was going down a path that was not wise.”

Who could have guessed? Jep, the baby of the bunch, gave mom and dad the most trouble. Interesting considering the fact that apparently, Phil and Kay’s oldest son, Alan, was the other big troublemaker. What an unlikely pair the baby and the pastor made.

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Putting a troubled kid on house arrest sounds great in theory, but it’s not always easy to enforce. That being said, any child willing to disobey Phil and Miss Kay’s orders is a brave soul indeed. But evidently, Jep’s lockdown is exactly what the doctor ordered.

“And his opening line after we had a speech- his brothers were there I was there, his mother, all the family, and it was an intervention,” the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch continued. “He’s seated in a chair, and all he said was when we all got done with- each one of us spoke to him, telling him the error of his ways. He said after everyone talked, ‘what took y’all so long?'”

So the grounding worked out for the best. And Jep is quite the upstanding gentleman these days. Sometimes a little tough love is necessary.