‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Says Miss Kay Writes Him Love Notes Daily

by Quentin Blount

It seems like almost every member of the Duck Dynasty family has an adorable love story, and Phil and Kay Robertson are no different.

When you think of Duck Dynasty love stories, who are the first couples that come to mind? For some, it’s probably Willie and Korie Robertson. For others, perhaps it’s Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband Christian. Maybe it’s Bella Robertson Mayo and her husband Jacob Mayo. Either way, Phil and Kay Robertson aren’t usually at the top of the list. But you can make the case that the should be.

Kay, also known as “Miss Kay,” and Phil Robertson first began dating way back in 1964. They were married just two short years later and have been together ever since. Now, one would think that after 56 long years of marriage, Phil and Kay would maybe get a little bored with each other. But that’s simply not the case.

Phil explained in the most recent episode of his podcast, Unashamed, how his wife helps keep their marriage fresh. One of those ways is by leaving daily love notes for him to find.

“Miss Kay has got a pretty good handle on it,” Phil admitted. “She’ll leave me a note at the side of my chair, you know? The other day she said, ‘You make me feel complete. You’re my best buddy on the Earth.'”

Talk about the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard, are we right? Phil and Kay Robertson are marriage goals and then some. Even their kids couldn’t believe that 74-year-old Kay was leaving love notes for her 75-year-old husband.

“That’s pretty good for you guys to be in your 70s,” Al Roberton said to his dad.

Miss Kay Communicates to ‘Duck Dynasty’ Husband with Love Notes

It goes without saying that everybody communicates differently. What works best for some couples doesn’t always work out great for others. So, what is the reason that Kay feels so comfortable communicating through love notes? Her son Jase Robertson did his best to come up with a reason.

“I think the reason she always sends you letters is because that’s how God communicated,” he said. “And she knows that got your attention when you were 28. She’s like, ‘I think I’m gonna keep this letter thing going.’ Because she does write you a lot of notes. Almost daily.”

Al agreed, saying that is how their mom “communicates the best.”

“Well, you know, that goes to there’s different ways that people communicate the best. And obviously, that’s a good one for mom. She likes to write those little notes. And that’s important.”

Of course, the guys all have a deep faith. They suspect that faith may be what drives their mother to leave notes as well.

“Well, God communicated to us, where he’d been, what he doing, and where he was headed,” Jase said.

Al responded saying, “I’ve always said the Bible is the greatest love letter ever written.”