’Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Opens Up About His Lack of Trust in Others: ‘It Took a While’

by John Jamison

Phil Robertson is not only the patriarch of the “Duck Dynasty.” He singlehandedly brought it into existence. Growing up poor in Louisiana, Phil’s family fought to make ends meet. And despite the circumstances, he says it was a happy childhood. He was everything from a football star to an English teacher and has turned into quite a successful man. But no one is without flaws, and Phil is no exception.

Apparently, Phil Robertson has had struggles with some trust issues throughout his life. He was very candid about them in a recent episode of “Dysfunction to Dynasty on YouTube. Titled “Ch. 8 Family is Dynasty: COULDN’T DO IT ALONE,” it saw Phil and Miss Kay talk about everything from their favorite smells around the house to their flaws.

In the video, the patriarch of the “Duck Dynasty” family accuses his younger self of being full of stupidity. He wasn’t always making the best of decisions, and he sees that as a potential source of his trust issues. It wasn’t instilled in him by betrayal. It started within.

“Someone asked me one time, ‘So when did you start trusting others?’ I said, ‘When I started trusting me as far as I could see me.’ When I started trusting myself to do what was right, I began to trust others. It took a while,” Phil said.

Miss Kay added that it took about 35-40 years for that change to come about in Phil. Even with that amount of time, Phil’s level of hindsight can be hard to achieve. Sometimes, people need the distance that time affords to gain a better perspective on themselves. For the head of the “Duck Dynasty,” it took a while. But he got there eventually.

So What Turned the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Around?

Anyone familiar with the Robertsons won’t be surprised to learn that Phil credits his turnaround to scripture. They are a deeply religious family, and they try to lead their lives according to the Bible. In the video, the interviewer asked Phil what caused the change in him.

“Well, it’s pretty simple. All scripture, as God breathed, and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the man or woman of God will be known for every good work,” the “Duck Dynasty” star answered. “It’s the greatest story ever told. And it’s the greatest hope a human being can have.”

Phil, and the rest of the Robertson family, for that matter, are incredibly candid about their faith. It’s certainly served them well to this point, helping Phil out of a tough time and doing the same for other Robertsons.