‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Reveals ‘Funniest Mishap That’s Ever Happened in Our Kitchen’

by Quentin Blount

No one has better stories than Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. Don’t believe us? Listen to the latest episode of his podcast, Unashamed.

Phil Robertson is a simple man. A man who has a routine. When he wakes up in the early hours to go duck hunting, he is used to coming back home to a cooked meal around 11:30.

“You walk in the kitchen to see what the cook came up with,” Robertson said during a recent episode of Unashamed. “And you’re hungry now. More hungry than normal.”

So, Robertson walked over to the island in their kitchen. That’s where he stumbled upon a note from his wife, Miss Kay.

“I looked down, and it said, ‘Roast put in the oven at 8:45.'”

The Duck Dynasty star looked at the time, and what do you know? It was perfect timing.

“I’ve got a butcher knife in one hand and a fork in the other,” he said. “I’m just fixin’ to kind of cut into it.”

Except there was just one problem. When he pulled the lid off the roasting pan, there was no roast, just an empty pan.

“I’m looking at it, and I’m speechless. I said, ‘Well, where’s the meat?’ [Jay] Stone looked at me and said, ‘I don’t get it.’ I said, ‘I don’t either.'”

Robertson said he looked around to see if there were any more pots sitting around that could have had his roast in it. That’s when he spotted one sitting on the stove.

“I looked on the stove over here and I picked the lid up. It’s been browned, the potatoes are there, the carrots are there. It’s been browned, but it’s just sitting there. Wrong pan in the oven.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Calls Up His Wife About the Roast Mishap

That’s definitely one story we haven’t heard before. To have the oven on, have the pot in the oven, but the other pot is the one where the meat is and the one in the oven is empty? That just sounds like a Duck Dynasty kind of story.

“When your woman gets in her 70s, make sure you check the pot before you put it in the oven,” Robertson joked. “That way you got your meat in the oven.”

In the end, the Duck Dynasty star said he put the pot with the roast back in the oven. He had to wait another three hours before he was able to eat it. While he was waiting he said he called up Miss Kay to tell her what happened.

“I thought it was a pretty funny thing,” he said. “So I called her up, and when I told my woman what happened, she’s telling the two women with her, and every time she’d tell them something else they were cackling. And I mean they laughed.”