‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson Reveals Instructions for His Family When He Dies

by Quentin Blount

It’s only natural for people who are getting up there in age to have difficult discussions about what to do when they die. Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is no exception.

It’s sometimes hard to believe it but Phil Robertson is 75 years old now. The reality television star has come a long way from when he was born back in 1946. Growing up, his family lived in tough conditions, having no electricity, toilet, or bathtub. Since then, however, Robertson has lived through the golden age of technology and television. And he himself has made an impressive living out of doing so.

But even the greatest among us know when they are getting to the end of the line. Phil Robertson very well may have many long years left on Earth. But that hasn’t stopped him from discussing what to do with his body when he inevitably passes away. Robertson didn’t shy away from the topic. In fact, quite the opposite — he opened up about it on the most recent episode of his podcast, Unashamed.

In a direct message to his son, who was also on the podcast, Robertson says, “Yeah, take me when I die Jase. I’m your dad, when I die, take me to a country embalmer.”

“A country what?” Jase hilariously replies.

“Embalmer,” Phil re-affirms. “Some guy out in a shack in the middle of the woods who says, ‘I’ll get him in there.'”

“Do you want us to like, spread your ashes?” Jase asks.

“Keep the show low-key,” the Duck Dynasty star explains. “Just stress the departure part and not the passing away part. We lost ol’ Phil ’cause he died.”

That gave Jase part of the answer to which he was looking for. To which he replied to his dad, “We’re getting kind of morbid here.”

You can watch the entire podcast down below:

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Has Come a Long Way Since Last Having This Conversation

It turns out that the mindset of 75-year-old Phil Robertson differs quite a bit from that of 55-year-old Phil Robertson. Your standard coffin and gravestone won’t cut it for the avid outdoorsman. His son Jase explained on the latest episode of Unashamed that his dad had a vastly different request for his family if he were to die 20 years ago.

“Well, he has come a long way in his faith,” Jase says. “Because about 20 years ago we had this conversation and he said, ‘Look — don’t put me in a cemetery. Just make a box. Don’t buy it he said, make it. Put me in it, he said. And then just find a curb or whatever and just dump me out.’ I said, ‘Phil, I think that’s illegal.'”

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