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Video: ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson Gives His Thoughts on Supreme Court Pick

by Outsider
(Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

The opinionated Duck Commander Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has spoken out again. This time on his podcast Unashamed with Phil & Jace Robertson, he discusses what he’d want in a Supreme Court pick.

After sifting through some of his thoughts on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, Robertson shared what he’d look for in a Supreme Court pick.

While discussing who it is that determines who the truth is, the Robertsons chatted about what the intricacies of government and how there are many “flawed men” among the assembly. Robertson’s full thoughts prompted YouTube commenters to call for him to head to the White House or the Supreme Court.

There’s a lengthy talk about politics not becoming one’s identity as a Christian. The men chat about where their hopes are placed with both parties, and how there are acts on both sides that haven’t been so savory.

If you have an hour of time, there’s fruitful talk here about the guys’ views on Christianity. You can also find out what Phil wants out of a Supreme Court pick. There are a few laughs too, such as the guys introducing a fan to Black Rifle Coffee.

Fans of Robertson and Duck Dynasty will find some intriguing commentary throughout this episode of the podcast. If you’re looking for some chat about the Constitution and interpreting various rights, this should tickle the brain stem.

Previously, Robertson spoke about the difference between being 54 years old and 74 years old. The lowdown? You’re going to be tired, pretty much always.

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