‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Weighs in on Joe Rogan’s Controversy, Cancel Culture

by Samantha Whidden

As the controversy between Spotify and various music artists over Joe Rogan’s podcast continues, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson weighs in on the situation.

As previously reported, Neil Young basically gave Spotify an ultimatum: either Joe Rogan’s podcast goes or his music goes. The singer and songwriter believes that the podcast is helping to spread misinformation about the COVID-19 virus as well as the vaccines. As Young was pulling away from the music streaming platform, another music artist India Arie revealed that Rogan has repeatedly used a racial slur in the past. Since Arie’s situation, Rogan has apologized for the comments and Spotify has removed past episodes of his podcast from its streaming platform. 

While speaking about the Rogan situation, as well as Whoopi Goldberg’s controversial comments about the Holocaust, which led to her two-week suspension from The View, the Duck Dynasty star told Fox News, “Canceling people may shut them up, but it doesn’t change anyone’s convictions. I’m about helping people shift their attention away from the lies of the evil one and focusing on Christ. The only way we can do that is to have a discussion. This is why I’m not for canceling even the most outrageous people like Whoopi Goldberg.”

The Duck Dynasty castmate is currently promoting his new book, Uncanceled: Finding Meaning and Peace in a Culture of Accusations, Shame, and Condemnation. Having experienced cancel culture himself, Robertson opened up about his interview with GQ, which got him suspended for over a week on his reality TV show.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Has No Regrets About His GQ Interview

While recently speaking to Fox News Digital about his suspension from Duck Dynasty in 2013, Phil Robertson admitted that he doesn’t have any grudges against those who “attacked” him for his GQ interview. “They asked me a question about a particular sin, homosexual behavior. And they asked if I believed it was a sin. I thought to myself, that’s a weird question to ask someone. But I just quoted a Bible verse. I quoted what God had to say about that sin and nine other sins. But it was in the list of sins.”

Robertson recalled A&E deciding to put him on indefinite hiatus from Duck Dynasty. “I said, ‘I think I may be getting fired, right?’ Hiatus says you’re not part of the program anymore. After nine days, they reinstated me. But we had all kinds of sponsors that just took off.”

Despite the incident, the Duck Dynasty star stated that he has no regrets about doing the GQ interview. “No regrets at all. None. I just went on. I never called A&E and said, ‘What are you doing?’ I never said a word when they came to visit me about 10 days after this all went down. I said, ‘Guys, did y’all ever hear from me with some kind of irate phone call? ‘Cause you were firing me?’ They said, ‘Mr. Roberson, you never said a word.’”