‘Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Family Discusses New Show Premiering on FOX Business Prime, ‘Duck Family Treasure’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

The Duck Dynasty family is making a new business out of treasure hunting. And they’re showcasing the misadventures that ensue in a new series that premieres tonight.

In Duck Family Treasures, Jase, Jep, and Si, Robertson embarks on a search for buried jewels, fortunes, artifacts, and more with the help of history expert, Murry Crowe. And apparently, they’ve made some interesting finds along the way.

Jase, Jep, and their wives, Missy and Jessica, sat down with Fox News this morning ahead of the big premiere to chat about what’s in store for the freshman season. And they explained that the concept of the new series may be a far cry from the business that made them famous—duck hunting—but treasure hunting has been a family passion for years. So, it made sense to bring their searches to the small screen.

“It’s a hobby that turned into quite the production for our family,” said Jase. “It’s good, clean fun. I think a lot of people think about what would happen if we find some lost treasure that’s valuable. There’s some excitement and adventure and it’s really been fun. I think, for everyone.”

The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Guys Are Looking For a Specific Treasure

While the former Duck Dynasty stars weren’t willing to give up too many secrets, Jep did share that he made an out-of-this-world find. During one of his digs, he unearthed a 1,000-year-old meteorite that was lodged 7 feet in the ground. And if he chooses to cash it in, he could get around $60,000.

However, Missy shared that the guys aren’t really hunting for the money. As it stands, all of their finds are cluttering her house because neither Jep nor Jase is “much of a seller.”

“[The treasures are] all over my house, literally,” she said.

While the guys search for various items this season, there is one overwhelming goal. Apparently, some years back, someone lost some highly valuable jewels, and no one has been able to recover them. The owner believes there located within a specific area. So Jase, Jep, and Si are determined to bring them home.

However, if they do manage to dig up the valuables, they won’t just hand them back for nothing.

“Well, we will [give them back] if we find them. That’s the fun of the show,” said Jase. But as Missy said, there will be some “negotiations” first.

You can watch the story unfold tonight, Oct. 20, and every Thursday on Fox Business Network Prime at 8 pm.