‘Duck Dynasty’: Sadie and Korie Robertson Pose with Bella for Adorable Bridal Party Pics

by Quentin Blount
Photo via Getty Images

The Duck Dynasty girls are growing up right before our eyes. First, it was Sadie Robertson to get married and have a baby. And now, little sister Bella is following in her footsteps.

By now, we all know that the entire Duck Dynasty family is extremely close. Korie Robertson, along with her daughters, Sadie and Bella, are always full of love when they post to social media. And that was no doubt the case yet again on Saturday morning. In Sadie’s last IG post, she shared a snap of all of her sisters together for young Bella’s bridal party.

Along with sister, Bella, and mother, Korie, Sadie is joined by adopted sister, Rebecca Robertson, and sister-in-law, Mary Kate Robertson.

“WE LOVE THIS BRIDE!!!” Sadie Robertson wrote alongside her most recent Instagram post. “Celebrating you is the most fun!!!😍”

Youngest ‘Duck Dynasty’ Daughter Soon to be Married

It won’t be much longer until Duck Dynasty’s Bella Robertson becomes Bella Mayo. The 18-year-old got engaged to her 21-year-old boyfriend, Jacob Mayo, back in November of last year. It seems as though she is following the Robertson family trend, as both of her older siblings, John Luke, 25, and Sadie, 23, got married at a young age.

In announcing her engagement to the world, Bella made a post on her Instagram page. She wrote, “I was thankful for you yesterday, I am thankful for you today, and now I get to be thankful for you for the rest of my life!”

On that same token, Bella’s boyfriend at the time, which is now her fiance, wrote a message that was equally as sweet.

“Engaged! Bella is many things to me. She is my best friend. She is the person I can lean on in any problem with no judgement. But with the honest truth when I’m acting out. She loves Jesus and she holds me to a higher standard that she doesn’t let waver. She unconditionally loves me whether I’m doing what she likes or the opposite side of the spectrum. She’s the one for me forever. She’s my everything. I thank God for her. #tothemayos”

As a result of her engagement coming at such a young age, the young Robertson has taken some heat from critics on the internet. However, the youngest Duck Dynasty daughter has fired back at the haters in the past. She cites the many great examples she has in her life to look up to and seek advice from. And she makes a solid point. If anyone is ready to get married at 18-years-old, it would be Bella Robertson — there’s no question about that.