‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Posts Moving ‘Confidence’ Message With Baby Honey in Tow

by Josh Lanier

Sadie Robertson Huff said trying on her old sizes was like pushing a “balloon through a straw.” But that didn’t get her down, she said because health is more than a clothing size.

She shared a photo while shopping with best friend, Christian author Laney Rene, who also has a newborn baby.

“Today was so much fun shopping with the girls 💚 Laney and I were just catching up on all the things and occasionally picking things up we liked … anyways we were not really paying attention to sizing, because for so long we just knew what size we were.
“… In line Laney asked me my favorite part about being a mom, and we both got on the subject of CONFIDENCE. How ever since we have become a mom we have never been more confident in who we are, where we are, what we are doing, and what our bodies are capable of.
I think the main reason why is because our life isn’t really revolving around us anymore…
We talked about our body changing and how weird it all is and how some days are hard when your jeans won’t buckle, but yet you have this deep inner confidence knowing that the reason why they won’t buckle is because you birthed one of your new favorite humans.
Well, we got home and started to try on our new clothes, the clothes we bought in our past sizes, and y’all it was like trying to push a balloon through a straw HAHAHA!
“… I’m all about health. I love being healthy and active. But I also love that my body is much more than a size on a pair of jeans. …”

Sadie Robertson Huff, Instagram

Sadie Robertson Huff, Best Friend Are Inseperable

Sadie Robertson Huff shared a series of photos earlier this week for Laney Rene’s birthday. They met at Winter Jam tour in 2017. Laney Rene, who went by Laney Redmond then, was a backup dancer for Christian singer Britt Nicole. The Duck Dynasty said she instantly gravitated toward her and they’ve been best friends ever since, they told Country Rebel.

That love is mostly because of their shared interests and devotion to God. Both have published books on divinity. Rene wrote “Speak Your Name,” and Duck Dynasty star has written or co-written several.

They even recently shared fun, quirky birthday messages.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY VERY BESTEST FRIEND!!! Laney!,” Sadie wrote on Instagram. “My gosh what would my life be without you?!! We came into each other’s life at just the right time. That was a GOD THING! we didn’t know each other when we were little which seems odd because of how close we are, but being by each other’s side for all the things the past 4 and half years we have made up for it! I love you like a sister! There is truly no one like you! So thankful for Honey to have such a sweet friend for life too! 🙂 this is going to be a special year friend! 💛🥳 also, I am sad I didn’t have all of my hilarious videos of us on my phone but go to @its_sadieandlaney to find what you’re all looking for,”