‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Drops Beautiful Photo With Her ‘Forever Besties’

by Chris Haney

On Saturday, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff shared a great photo of herself and her “forever besties” who include the all the women in her immediate family.

Korie and Willie Robertson are the proud parents of five children who they’ve raised in their hometown of Monroe, Louisiana. The Duck Dynasty couple have three biological kids together: John Luke (25), Sadie (24), and Bella (18). In addition, they adopted two more children, including Rebecca (32) and Willie Jr. (19).

The Robertsons are a tight-knit family that are often seen on social media hanging out together. Yet the women of the family share a particularly strong bond. That’s what Sadie chose to touch on this weekend with her Saturday Instagram post.

Sadie shared a picture of herself along with her mother, Korie, and her two sisters, Bella and Rebecca. The photo also includes the newest female additions to their family in recent years. Brother John Luke’s wife, Mary Kate, is seen on the far left along with their adorable baby girl, Ella. Further, Sadie has her own infant daughter, Honey, in her arms. Both of the babies were born just a few months ago and are very close in age.

The seven women posed for the camera, and Sadie shared a sweet caption to accompany their picture. She shared how much the women in her family mean to her. Sadie also asked her followers to guess if her pregnant sister Rebecca is having a boy or a girl.

“my forever besties!!! thankful to be surrounded by some greats,” the Duck Dynasty star wrote on Instagram.

“alsooo, what do y’all think @rebeccalorobertson is having?? Boy or Girl?!?” she added.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Enjoys a Day at Disneyland While on Vacation

A few days ago, the Robertson clan returned home from their Malibu, California vacation. While visiting the Sunshine State, Sadie and most of her Duck Dynasty siblings visited the magical theme park that is Disneyland. She and her husband, Christian Huff, even took their infant daughter, Honey, as well.

Following their fun trip to Disney, Sadie shared a series of eight pictures that captured the group’s fun-filled day. The first photo focuses solely on her young family. Sadie, Christian, and baby Honey smile for the camera with a Mickey Mouse ferris wheel in the background.

The series also includes pictures of her sister Bella and her newlywed husband Jacob. Their brother John Luke is there with his wife and their young son John Shepherd. Adopted sister Rebecca was there as well, but isn’t seen until the last photo. The final snapshot from Disneyland comes courtesy of a rollercoaster camera as everyone rides with their hands high in the air.

“A magical day at a happy place with some happy people,” she wrote alongside a smiley face emoji.