‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Announces New ‘Huff Fam Vlog’ with Teaser

by Chris Haney

On Monday afternoon, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff revealed some big news about her family’s new vlog, which will air every other week on YouTube.

As Sadie mentions in her family’s first vlog, she lives a very public life most of the time. That’s why she was skeptical about creating a family vlog at first. It simply seemed too personal. But her more than 4.5 million Instagram followers continue to tell her that they want to see more of her day-to-day life. Therefore she decided to try out video blogging along with her growing family.

She roped in her husband, Christian Huff, and their infant daughter, Honey James, for the bi-weekly project. In addition, the Huffs even recruited their little, curly-haired dog Cabo for the vlog too. It’s a full family affair, which is likely to include her extended Duck Dynasty family from time to time as well.

Sadie and Christian shared details about the vlog and the inspiration for the project in their first video. She said that her brother Will and his girlfriend Abby started a vlog not long ago. The famous reality TV star thought it would be a great way to document her family’s life together.

“I think this is a great way to welcome y’all in and let y’all see more of what our life is actually like,” Sadie said in their first vlog.

The reality star of Duck Dynasty fame also shared a teaser clip to social media to announce her family’s new vlog. Make sure to tune in every other week on Sadie’s YouTube channel to check out what’s been going on in the Huff family’s life.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Takes a Trip to the Zoo Over the Weekend

On Saturday, a portion of the Robertson crew from Duck Dynasty paid a visit to the zoo, including Sadie, Christian, and Honey. Following their fun day out observing the animals, Sadie’s mother Korie Robertson posted about their zoo adventures.

Korie shared a series of ten photos that captured their 11-person crew who visited the zoo this past weekend. Some of the faces you may recognize include Korie’s mother and her pregnant daughter Rebecca who brought her young son Zane as well. As mentioned,  Sadie and Christian Huff tagged along with their little one. Plus the two sisters’ sister-in-law, Mary Kate Robertson, took her two young childrenJohn Shepherd and Ella.

In her Instagram caption, Korie shared that all of her grandbabies attended their day out at the zoo. She also asked her 2.1 million fans and followers about their own fun plans for the weekend in her post.

“All of the grandbabies are well. We celebrated with a little trip to the zoo,” Robertson wrote on Instagram.

“What fun thing you are doing this weekend?!” she also asked. “Leave it in the comments, you might inspire someone else to celebrate life a little more today.”