‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Roberston Huff Shares Quite Possibly the Cutest Selfie Ever

by Quentin Blount

Okay, Duck Dynasty fans. Are you ready for the latest episode of the adventures of Sadie Robertson Huff and her little daughter Honey James?

If you follow along with the stars from Duck Dynasty as closely as we do, then you probably know that Sadie is the daughter of Willie and Korie Robertson. However, Sadie recently became a mother herself earlier this year. She gave birth to her own little girl back in May. And ever since she made her way into the world, Honey James has stolen the show.

On Thursday, Sadie Robertson took to social media once again with another adorable update. It has been clear for a long time now that she has an impressive way with words. But her latest posts prove that in addition to that, she has an impressive eye for cute photos. It looks like she was hanging out with Honey and the family’s dog as all three of them pose for a photo.

Robertson captioned her most recent post, “favorite. selfie. ever.” Take a look down below:

Now, Sadie Robertson’s posts always generate a ton of likes and comments. This one in particular currently has more than 160,000 likes. One Duck Dynasty fan joked about how Sadie’s favorite new photo had Sadie, Honey, and the dog. But it was without her husband, Christian Huff.

“Sorry @christian_huff,” they joked.

Other fans were focused less on Christian Huff, who was absent from the photo. And instead, they focused on how just how cute Sadie, Honey, and the family’s dog are.

They left messages like, “SO CUTE,” and “Ok, I must agree. Too perfect!”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Think Honey is Starting to Look More Like Her Mom

Can you see the resemblance between Sadie Robertson Huff and her adorable daughter? Evidently, the Duck Dynasty star’s 4.6 million followers on Instagram can.

We have all had a front-row seat to Sadie and her family’s life for years now. For Sadie, that’s been true since she was still a teenager starring in her family’s hit A&E show. But since she has lived her life in the spotlight, that means all of her fans and followers get to see the good — and the bad — that goes in her life.

Most importantly, though, we all get to see little Honey grow up. Not only does Sadie post wholesome and loving updates on her personal Instagram account, but she also has an account made specifically for Honey. Just go back through and look at all of their posts since Honey was born and we think you’ll agree, Honey is starting to look like her beautiful mom with each and every day.