‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff’s Daughter Honey James Shows Off Must-Have ‘Accessory’ in Adorable Pic

by Chris Haney

On Friday, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff posted an adorable picture of her young daughter Honey James that showed off her must-have accessory.

Sadie posted the cute photo to Honey James’ own Instagram account yesterday. She and her husband, Christian Huff, are at the beach with Sadie’s family. Her parents, Willie and Korie Robertson, took a group of 16 other family members on vacation with them.

The Duck Dynasty family got out of town a few days ago to rest up and relax from their busy schedules. During their getaway, Sadie took a moment to take a picture of the youngest member of the Robertson clan. Honey James was born on May 11, and the three-month-old infant has been a bundle of joy ever since for her whole family.

Her mother takes photos of her baby girl often and posts them on social media. Sadie frequently shares them on her own Instagram account with her more than 4.5 million followers. But sometimes she posts the pics to her daughter’s account, which already has 250,000 followers in the few months she’s been alive.

Friday, Sadie focused the post on not just her cute little girl, but the importance of one particular accessory. She amusingly shared that Honey has one vital accessory that the family takes with them everywhere. Evidently, the most important item to bring along with them wherever they go is her bib.

“*What’s one accessory you can’t leave the house without – MY BIB,” Sadie Robertson Huff wrote on Instagram.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shows Off Another Item in Her Daughter’s Wardrobe

As the family enjoys their time on vacation, many of the Robertson’s children and grandchildren joined in on the fun getaway. Regardless of where Sadie and her husband are, they make sure to document their little girl’s life, and they often share portions of it with their fans.

Earlier this week, Sadie made sure to show off her daughter’s favorite outfit that the young mother frequently dresses her in. Once again, she posted a cute picture of her child to her little girl’s personal Instagram account.

The newest member of the Duck Dynasty clan is far from her mother’s 4.5 million Instagram followers. However, garnering hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers within three months of being born is quite the feat. It highlights the interest that still remains in the reality TV family from the popular Duck Dynasty series.

Sadie Robertson Huff shared another adorable photo of Honey to her account. The infant’s mom has only posted 18 pictures on her daughter’s page since Honey was born. Yet in three of Honey’s last five posts, the baby girl is seen wearing the same pink outfit. Sadie amusingly promised her daughter’s followers that the outfit isn’t Honey’s only clothes, it’s simply her favorite.

“I promise this isn’t my only outfit… it’s just my favorite outfit :-),” Sadie wrote on Instagram.