‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Details Why She Kept Relationship With Christian Huff Private

by Hannah Heser

The former Duck Dynasty star, Sadie Robertson reveals some interesting tea in her new book, “Who Are You Following?” One of those details includes why she kept her relationship with Christian Huff away from the public eye for a while.

In her newest book, she tells the audience the truth in a whole new way. For instance, she opens up about her experience on Dancing With the Stars and encourages the readers to pursue Jesus in a Social Media world.

Sadie and the rest of the Robertson crew got their start on their hit show, Duck Dynasty. The show aired for 11 seasons, according to US Magazine.

While the show grew in popularity, Sadie Robertson branched out into new activities. These include a podcast called “WHOA That’s Good” and season 19 of Dancing With the Stars. The Duck Dynasty star has had quite the journey in the spotlight. And this brings us back to why she kept her relationships with Christian Huff more private.

The Reason Sadie Robertson Kept Her and Christian’s Relationship Private

Firstly, Sadie Robertson grew up in the spotlight, so she knows the good and bad parts. And just like many of us, Sadie has experienced some unhealthy relationships in her lifetime.

Although, she told the news outlet that things were different with Christian Huff. Robertson mentioned how she knew Christian was different from her exes.

“I knew Christian was different from anyone else that I had dated when he looked at me and said, ‘Never apologize for what God is doing in your life. If it is a win for God and a win for the kingdom, then it will always be a win for me.'”

Later on, she revealed why she kept their relationship private at first.

“When I knew that I wanted to date Christian, I let him know I did not want it to be public for a while because I did not want everyone else’s opinions becoming part of our new relationship,” Sadie said. “He really respected that and was on the same page. I wanted to guard his heart and guard my own.”

Since she grew up in the spotlight, she didn’t want Christian to have to go through the things she did. Then, she told US Magazine that the couple valued their alone time before their engagement in 2019. They knew exactly when it would be time to reveal the news to the world.

“The ones who love us and speak wisdom into our lives witnessed us dating, and shared in our joy,” Sadie Robertson added. “When we were confident in our relationship, we finally posted publicly. And guess what? It changed nothing because we were rooted.”