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‘Duck Dynasty’: Sadie Robertson Huff Drops Adorable Pic of Honey in Heart Sunglasses and Swimsuit

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

Duck Dynasty star and new mom Sadie Robertson Huff shared an adorable snap of her baby girl, Honey James, on Wednesday. The sweet one-month-old was pictured wearing a cute swimsuit while rocking a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. 

Fans beamed about the baby girl by commenting, “I like she looks just like Christian here” and “How is she so big already?! I had to go check when her birthday was again.” 

Sadie Robertson Huff Discusses ‘Vulnerability’ in Recent Instagram Post 

Sadie recently posted an emotional video of her discussing life after Honey’s birth and the importance of vulnerability. “I share in my story a tad bit into my postpartum. This right here is one of my favorite moments captured by Christian,” Sadie pens. “It was 12 days after giving birth. The three of us were completely exhausted and completely in love. All trying to graciously navigate this new journey of life together. My body was recovering, Honey was in a whole new world full of the unknown, and Christian was taking care of his girls. All three of us fully in the unknown together. This song however made us all feel a little bit less lost.”

While sharing more details about the song, Sadie explains, “My friends and team sent me this song that they wrote and recorded the day I had Honey, as a gift. The first few times I heard it while gazing at the miracle she is, I just smiled while the tears would stream. It was everything my heart wanted to sing over her and they just put a melody to it. When we finally got home, and had our first moment of ‘how do we get this baby to stop crying?’ We put on this song and she stopped. The best part is it wasn’t a coincidence!!! This song as Honey’s song of peace.”

Sadie goes on to add, “I pray that the words in this song are always familiar to her. That as she continues to step into the seasons of life that feel unknown and unfamiliar, that the affirmation of Gods love would be her sound of peace.”

Sadie Also Announces Lo Sister’s First In-Person ‘Live Original” Conference

Earlier this week, Sadie Robertson Huff announced that LO Sister, her mobile app, is officially set to host its first in-person “live original” conference this August. As previously reported, the app provides encouragement and resources to help its users to be their most original selves. “Aka the version of yourself God created you to be,” is the description. LO Sister also states, “When we know WHOSE we are, we have a better understanding of who we truly are.”

Sadie’s app also features bible studies/workshops, book clubs, giveaways, community, exclusive content, hand-selected mentors, and ambassadors. The platform then adds, “Inside LO sister, we pray you [to] find a safe place to be heard, grow in your faith, and be that original self that you were made to be, sis.”