‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Takes Fun Snaps with Christian and Honey James in All-Pink Room

by Samantha Whidden

Get ready for some more cuteness from Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff. On Friday (August 27th) the former reality TV star took to her Instagram account to share some snapshots of her, her adorable daughter, Honey James, and her husband Christian at the Lo Sister Conference.

“HERE WE GOOOOO!!! LO SISTER CONFERENCE 2021!!!” The Duck Dynasty beauty proclaims in the post, which features the adorable family posing in all- pink room. 

LO Sister was founded by the Duck Dynasty star. The mobile app provides encouragement as well as resources for users to be their most original selves. Which is also known as the version of themselves that God created them to be. 

“We believe that when we know Whose we are, we have a better understanding of who we truly are,” the website reads. “Inside LO Sister, we pray you find a safe place to be heard, grow in your faith, and be that original self that you were made to be, sis.”

LO Sister has Bible studies and workshops; book clubs; giveaways; community; exclusive content; and hand-selected mentors and ambassadors. 

The LO Sister Conferences kicked off on Friday and runs throughout the day on Saturday (August 28th). Speakers at the event include Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff, Jennie Allen, and Demi-Leigh Tebow. 

Duck Dynasty’s’ Sadie Robertson Huff Shares How Her Faith Has Helped Her Handle Fame, Marriage, & Health Situations 

During a recent interview with Fox News, Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff discusses how her faith has helped her through a lot in 2020.

“My life just dramatically changed really fast. You think about how social m media affects any young person and then think about social media with millions of followers. [It] definitely will affect you in certain ways.”

The Duck Dynasty star also explained that her faith and religion keep her grounded when it comes to her identity. “Not that I didn’t struggle with insecurity and didn’t have my hard days. But I felt like I always had just a grounding. You know, to not just completely lose it.”

Robertson Huff further shared that her faith helped her a lot during the international health crisis. She describes her faith as being a huge source of hopeful her.

“We have hope that God is still with us here. To give us strength, to give us joy, to give us peace, and to make us feel loved in the midst of time where the world is really throwing things at you.”

Despite the health crisis and other struggles, Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Huff goes on to add that the bond between her and her husband has strengthened. “I’ve just fallen more in love with Christian.”