‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Holds Her ‘Angel’ in Adorable Pic with Daughter Honey

by Samantha Whidden

On Friday (October 15th), Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff took to her Instagram account to share a sweet picture of her embracing her sweet baby girl, Honey.

“Just a picture of me holding an angel,” the Duck Dynasty cast member revealed in the post. The picture features the mother-daughter duo embracing each other while hanging out at a restaurant. 

The adorable snapshot of the Duck Dynasty star and her baby girl comes less than a month after the duo returned home from the hospital. Honey reportedly came down with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and was rushed to the hospital. “She is still very congested with a bad couple, but her oxygen was good enough to get better at home,” the former reality star shared

Despite the hospital stay and still recovering, the Duck Dynasty cast member’s five-month-old seems to be doing so much better and enjoying some well-deserved attention through her mama’s social media feeds.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Alum Sadie Robertson Huff Opens Up About Her Daughter’s Experience With RSV

During a recent interview with E! News, Sadie Robertson Huff shared more details about her baby girl’s struggle with RSV. “I just heard it in her voice, and I was like, ‘yeah that’s not good,’” the Duck Dynasty alum recalled. “But as soon as we went to the doctor, he was reaffirming. He was like, ‘This doesn’t mean that she’s going to have to go to the hospital.’”

Unfortunately, the Duck Dynasty’s star experienced a real parenting struggle. She had to rush Honey to the hospital. “She just got worse and couldn’t really breathe on her own. So, we were in the hospital for four days.”

While discussing her daughter’s condition at the hospital, the Duck Dynasty alum said it was really sad and a lot to walk through.

“But I’m very grateful we’re on the other side,” she explained. Robertson Huff also said she and her husband Christian initially kept Honey’s RSV diagnosis private. “Because of course, it is scary, you don’t really want millions of people to have commentary as well.”

The Duck Dynasty star also explained that she wants to help others through her experiences. “We call it purpose anxiety, where we’re so anxious about what our purpose is that we’re not even living it. I just want to encourage people that, hey, your purpose is not some mysterious, far-out thing that you’re one day going to stumble upon.”

Although she seems like she’s dominating motherhood, Robertson Huff admitted there have been some ups and downs. “For the first few months, it was really hard,” she explained. The reality TV star then said getting to be Honey’s mom encourages her to be strong through the pain or fear she’s feeling.

“It was definitely challenging and very, very hard.”