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‘Duck Dynasty’: Sadie Robertson Huff Joined by Christian and Honey James for Cute ‘My Trio’ Post

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Cuteness overload! Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff took to her Instagram on Friday (August 13th) to share a couple of snapshots of her little family. 

“MY TRIO ! MY FAMILY 🤍” the Duck Dynasty beauty proclaims in the post. The snaps featured her, her husband Christian, and their adorable baby girl Honey James. 

The couple welcomed Honey James in May and since then, the Duck Dynasty star has continued to share adorable snaps of the beautiful little girl to her social media followers. 

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Sadie Robertson Huff Recalls How She & Christian Found Out About Her Pregnancy 

In October 2020, Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff opened up about how she and Christian found out she was pregnant in her WHOA That’s Good podcast. “We had actually just been at my best friend Laney’s gender-reveal party and everybody was like, ‘You’re next, you’re next!’ And I was like, ‘I don’t really know if it’s our time right now.’”

The Duck Dynasty star recalls having a dream about being pregnant and decided it was time to take a pregnancy test. “So I take the pregnancy test. And before I even got the result, I was like, ‘Why did I even take that? I’m probably not pregnant.’”

The Duck Dynasty beauty then says that she left the test while she did her makeup. “And I go back in after I do my makeup and see a plus sign. I’m like ‘Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!’ I couldn’t even believe it. So then I took another pregnancy test and another plus sign. Two positives equal a definite positive.”

Sadie says that although she was freaking out, she was also thanking god because she and Christian said since they got married that they wanted a baby, but were putting their future in God’s hands. “We wanted a baby when it’s God’s time for us to have a baby,” shares the Duck Dynasty star. “Because we believe that it’s a gift from God to have a baby.”

Robertson Huff declares the baby is such a blessing and the couple knew that if it was God’s timing then it was for sure their timing. “And so it was just such a miraculous feeling to know that I had a child inside of me.”

Sadie Robertson Huff Discusses Her Battle With COVID-19 While Pregnant 

Also during her WHOA That’s Good podcast, Robertson Huff discusses her fight with COVID-19 while she was pregnant with Honey James. “I actually tested negative but still didn’t feel good about it. Then Christian got a fever. I was like, ‘Oh no, here it comes.’ Two days later I was full-on COVID.” 

The Duck Dynasty star was also hospitalized after she contracted the virus. “I am a very healthy person. I exercise a lot and eat pretty good. I take care of myself. I honestly thought if I got COVID, it would not be that bad. But no, I had it horribly.”