‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Marks Milestone With Daughter Honey James in Adorable New Pics

by Kati Michelle

Sadie Robertson Huff of “Duck Dynasty” paved the way as a role model through her various roles in the entertainment world and her active role in sharing the gospel. She never publicly denied her struggles with body image, self-esteem, and faith either. Actually, she enjoys connecting with fans on a personal level. As she enters a new role as “mommy” to daughter Honey James with husband Christian Huff, she is taking fans along for the ride.

As a public photo journal, Sadie created an Instagram account specifically to commemorate Honey’s biggest milestones. You can follow her at @legithoneyjames. The latest snaps celebrate the fact that Honey has been earth-side for three whole months now. The baby is always dressed to impress, like her mother. The latest “outfit of the day” includes a baggy smiley face t-shirt, pastel shorts, and some pretty darn cute polka dot sneakers. Of course, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a tiny little bow atop her baby bald head. Shared to 252k followers, Sadie Robertson Huff details some of Honey’s favorite things as of lately:

– eating her hand
– Sophie the giraffe
– talking all the time and people talking to her
– giving the sweetest smiles and she is even starting to giggle
-being focused on task before her. She gets so series when she wants something and works to get it!
-songs, bouncing, anything with action and movement
-morning snuggles

Even Christian Huff joined the comments calling Honey his “best friend.” Fans in the comments debate who the baby looks more like. Overall, Christian seems to have the slight leg up on Sadie.

Sadie Robertson Huff’s Relationship Advice

A couple of weeks ago, the glowing couple sat down together for Sadie’s “Whoa” podcast to answer fan DMs. She revealed exactly what it’s like being Sadie Robertson Huff, married to Christian Huff. The couple got candid about relationship boundaries, purity talks, and how to safely remove toxic people from your life.

When a fan asked them for the best piece of relationship advice they’ve ever received, Sadie and Christian had different answers. Christian remembered an old phrase he heard from a sermon once: “the bait that you catch them with, is the bait you’ll keep them with.” He went on to explain, his “bait of choice” as authenticity and says this is not only what wrangled Sadie in, but also kept her around.

Sadie’s advice took a different approach. She recounted how her great-grandma said, “don’t pout, it’s stupid.” In other words, Sadie makes it a point not to sweat the small stuff. She also favored her mother’s advice, who offered up “never say never, and never say always.” This boils down to conflict management and de-escalation. Using big words like “always” and “never” makes it a lot easier to accidentally blow things out of proportion. The couple’s playful banter goes on for 34 minutes and 22 seconds.

You can enjoy their conversation here: