‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Matches with Husband Christian at Wedding Brother John Luke Officiated

by Chris Haney

On Friday night, Duck Dynasty reality TV star Sadie Robertson Huff shared photos from a friend’s wedding that her brother, John Luke, officiated.

Robertson and her husband, Christian Huff, attended Asa and Bailey Howard’s wedding yesterday. Following the ceremony and reception, Sadie took to Instagram to congratulate her good friends. Along with some kind words, she shared a series of five pictures from the event.

The special day was a bit of a family affair, especially since John Luke married the newlyweds. However, not only was John Luke involved with the wedding ceremony, at least three more of Sadie’s family members were in attendance.

Sadie’s first photo captured herself and Christian in matching all-white outfits as they smiled for the camera. The second pic is of Sadie and her mother Korie Robertson. The third is herself along with her two sisters – Bella and Rebecca. All of the Robertson women matched in all-white for the occasion. The fourth is of Sadie and John Luke posing together. Finally, Sadie, Korie, and a friend round out the wedding photos.

Along with the series of pictures, Sadie wrote a heartfelt caption while tagging the newlyweds in her message. She called the Friday event a “stunning wedding” and shared love for the newly married couple. She also added that her brother was the “best” officiant.

“WE LOVE YOU ASA AND BAILEY!!! @asa_howard @brooklynandbailey,” Sadie wrote on Instagram.

“A stunning wedding for two incredible people! Cheers to a lifetime of your fairytale love!” the Duck Dynasty star continued.

“Also, @johnluke_robertson you should do more weddings,” she wrote alongside a pair of clapping hands emojis. “Best at officiant.”

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Sadie and the rest of her Duck Dynasty family began their weekend festivities with the Howard wedding yesterday. Her mother, who attended as well, also took part in another family friend’s wedding last weekend. Previous to the Saturday wedding though, most of their family took a fun trip to the zoo together.

On Saturday morning, the Robertson crew visited a local zoo. Sadie, Christian, and their infant daughter Honey all made the trip among other family members. Following their visit, Korie Robertson posted about their family zoo adventures.

Korie posted 10 photos on Instagram that captured everyone who tagged along for the zoo visit. Duck Dynasty fans will recognize Sadie’s mother, grandmother, and her pregnant sister Rebecca who brought her young son Zane as well. In addition, their sister-in-law, Mary Kate Robertson, took her two young ones, John Shepherd and Ella.

“All of the grandbabies are well. We celebrated with a little trip to the zoo,” Korie Robertson wrote.

“What fun thing you are doing this weekend?!” she also asked. “Leave it in the comments, you might inspire someone else to celebrate life a little more today.”