‘Duck Dynasty’: Sadie Robertson Huff Pens Beautiful Message to Daughter Honey with Adorable Photos

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

“Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson Huff is gushing over her daughter Honey. As a regular church attendant, the TV personality is proud to announce her daughter’s dedication today during their church service.

The photo posted by the Duck Commander’s granddaughter shows a super cute series of photos. The young family has Honey in a white jumper with a head bow and small jacket. Robertson also posted a photo of herself, along with her husband and Honey.

Further, the “Duck Dynasty” star also posted a note to her young daughter, encouraging a relationship with God.

“Honey was a part of the baby dedication at church today and it was so special. I am so grateful for a church family around us to pray with us as we get to raise this little world changer,” Robertson says in the post.

She continues to add:

“Honey James you are going to do great things, because you have a GREAT God who will not only always be with you, but He will even be within you. Your light will be able to shine in the darkest places. I can’t wait to learn from your child like faith and teach you all that I have learned about the goodness of God. Your dad and I pray for you daily and can’t wait to see the fruit of those prayers unfold in your life.”

“Duck Dynasty’s” Sadie Robertson Huff Opens Up About DWTS Experience

While Sadie Robertson gained a following for appearing on “Duck Dynasty,” her opportunities quickly broadened. This included an appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” while she was a teen. However, the star felt conflicted about her appearance on the show at that time.

“Years ago I was 17 years old, a junior in high school and had just gotten off of a little show called ‘Dancing With The Stars’. I honesty (sic) had no idea what I wanted to do with my life,” the “Duck Dynasty” star said in an Instagram post.

Further, Robertson shared that she really wanted her faith to come first. Being a celebrity made her feel like less of a Christian she once explained.

“I loved Jesus, and somehow found myself in this wild position, but I didn’t fully see how the two of them went hand in hand. … thought I had to choose. I either do ministry or continue chasing more of a celebrity lifestyle through being a TV personality and the entertainment world,” the “Duck Dynasty” star said.

However, Robertson quickly realized that she could use her platform and her beliefs to do good, spreading her faith. With that, she says, she found her peace.