‘Duck Dynasty’: Sadie Robertson Huff Posts Beautiful Tribute to Korie Robertson with Epic Family Photo

by Jacklyn Krol

Sadie Robertson Huff is honoring her mother for Mother’s Day.

On Sunday (May 9), the 23-year-old mother-to-be shared a sweet family photo and paid tribute to her mother, Korie Robertson. She called her “insanely beautiful” mother a superhero and has the ability to make all of her family members feel equal love. Sadie said that her mother is the “easiest person in the world to love.’

“You do more than anyone will ever know and you don’t care if people recognize it,” she wrote. “You’re the most humble giant!”

Sadie Robertson Huff also noted that she looks up to her in more ways than one but especially concerning motherhood. This marks her first Mother’s Day as a mom to her daughter that is due any day.

“I would say I’m gonna be calling you a lot when Honey comes, but I already do call you a lot so just keep that ringer on,” she joked.

Meanwhile, Sadie Robertson Huff updated fans on her pregnancy with a photo of her baby bump and husband Christian Huff. Robertson Huff shared that she has almost mastered the art of patience. But at the end of the day, she knows that it is God’s will and her newborn will come soon.

“It’s hard to sit in the uncomfortably of being ‘almost’ to a miracle you’re waiting for,” Robertson Huff admitted.

Korie on Sadie Robertson Huff’s Pregnancy Journey

The entire Robertson family is awaiting the arrival of Sadie’s daughter Honey James Huff. She has been pregnant 40 days and five weeks as of today. Her bundle of joy is passed her due date. With the help from the family, the nursery is ready for Honey.

Korie is over the moon to meet her granddaughter. She wrote about her daughter’s pregnancy journey on Instagram. She suggested that every day she take a photo of her bump since it could very well be the day that she gives birth. Korie calls watching Sadie Robertson Huff being pregnant “the greatest joy to watch my girl become a mom!”

“She has handled each part of her pregnancy with so much positivity (even the hard parts, and we all know not everything about growing a baby is easy, ha),” she added.

Korie even revealed that Sadie has been hard at work writing her next book.

“All while growing her little girl, nesting, preparing for mom life, and creating the sweetest space for her baby girl to come home too! Sadie, you are already an amazing mom,” she concluded.