‘Duck Dynasty’: Sadie Robertson Huff Posts ‘Vulnerability’ Video With 12 Day Old Honey James

by Keeli Parkey

Being a new parent is often difficult and tiring and can be a time that is full of uncertainty. It’s also a time of joy and laughter and, most importantly, love. These are feelings “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson Huff has experienced since the birth of her daughter. The adorable baby girl, named Honey James Huff, was born on May 11, 2021.

On Friday, June 18, Sadie shared a very sweet video of her holding and singing to her beautiful baby girl via social media. According to Sadie’s Instagram caption, her husband Christian Huff captured this memorable moment when Honey James was only 12 days old.

The “Duck Dynasty” star began her post with: “yay for vulnerability day!!!” She then shared details about her experience becoming a mother.

“I shared in my story a tad bit into my postpartum journey. This right here is one of my favorite moments captured by Christian. It was 12 days after giving birth. The three of us were completely exhausted and completely in love. All trying to graciously navigate this new journey of life together. My body was recovering, Honey was in a whole new world full of the unknown, and Christian was taking care of his girls. All three of us fully in the unknown together,” Sadie shared.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Said Song She Sings to Her Daughter in Recent Instagram Post Helped Her Through Stressful Moments

“Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson Huff also shared details about the song she is singing to Honey in the video. She describes the song as very comforting to her, Christian, and Honey during their early days as a family.

“This song however made us all feel a little bit less lost,” she also wrote on Instagram.

Turns out, the song was written for Sadie, Christian, and Honey by the group, LO Worship.

“My friends and team @lo.worship sent me this song that they wrote and recorded the day I had Honey, as a gift. The first few times I heard it while gazing at the miracle she is, I just smiled while tears would stream. It was everything my heart wanted to sing over her and they just put a melody to it,” the “Duck Dynasty” star also shared.

This song helped Sadie and Christian navigate their way through the stress of being new parents. It was also a comfort to Honey.

“When we finally got home, and had our first moment of ‘how do we get this baby to stop crying’ we put on this song and she stopped. The best part is … it wasn’t a coincidence!!! This song was Honeys song of peace,” Sadie said.

The new mother also shared some hopes for her daughter in this Instagram post. Those hopes are rooted in Sadie’s Christian faith.

“I pray that the words in this song are always familiar to her. That as she continues to step into the seasons of life that feel unknown and unfamiliar, that the affirmation of Gods love would be her sound of peace,” Sadie shared.