‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Reveals How She Prepared for Daughter Honey’s Birth

by Samantha Whidden

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Sadie Robertson Huff announced on her Twitter account that she created a shared notes album that included the birth story of her daughter, Honey James, through the Glorify mobile app. 

“I loved getting to share our birth story with you!” The Duck Dynasty star states. She also states that many of her social media followers have asked her about the ways she prepared for Honey James’ birth. 

“I created a shared notes album with [her husband] Christian where I added scriptures to speak out, declarations, [and] medication from Glorify app to play, and some funny things for a good laugh.”

‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Talks Body Confidence and Anxiety

In a September 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sadie Robertson Huff discusses the struggles she faced with body confidence during her stint on Dancing With the Stars. “I had this body that I never thought I’d have,” the Duck Dynasty alum says. “I had a six-pack for two weeks, but then Thanksgiving hit and it went away. People started to comment.”

The Duck Dynasty star describes the comments as innocent at first, but whenever her body started to look different, some people would say things not uplifting about the way she looked. “It was so wrong. I was insecure at the time, so I believed them and thought, ‘Oh, I need to push it.’”

Sade also explains that people would comment on her by saying if she lost another ten pounds, she would look like a real model. “I was literally 115 pounds and already unhealthy. That just messed my mind up,” the Duck Dynasty beauty states.

Robertson Huff admits it wasn’t long before she started developing unhealthy views of her body and explains that an eating disorder is different in a lot of different ways. “You can’t stop thinking about your body, how you look, how you eat. You’re counting the calories, you’re sizing your legs, and all those different things.”

Faith in God Helped Sadie Overcome Her Body Image Struggles

Also during the interview, Duck Dynasty’s Sadie says that her faith in God helped her get through the difficult times she experienced after Dancing With the Stars.  “I started praising God and thanking him for the way that I looked, instead of looking in the mirror and saying, ‘Ugh, I wish my arms were thinner, I wish my legs were more toned. I wish I had her eyebrows…’” 

The Duck Dynasty alum goes on to add that instead of thinking those things, she told herself she was thankful for what she has as well as thankful for her legs. She was thankful for her arms that are able to carry things. “[I was thankful] that my stomach one day, hopefully, will be able to carry a baby.”