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‘Duck Dynasty’: Sadie Robertson Huff Shows How Newborn Honey James is ‘Workin’ It’ in New Snaps

by Evan Reier
Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Sadie Robertson Huff is the newest mother of the Duck Dynasty family. And she and her new daughter, Honey, are already at “work.”

Honey James Huff entered the world on May 12, and in the days since, fans have gotten a front-row seat to her first days. Whether it’s on Sadie Robertson Huff’s personal account or on the account she made for Honey, there has been no shortage of wholesome and loving updates.

One of the latest photos of the mother-daughter duo came through the latter account. On June 3, @legithoneyjames posted a photo of Sadie and Honey taking a mirror selfie and getting to “work.”

“oh Honeyyyy, I’m workin it,” the caption reads.

Sadie gives one of her trademark smiles, while we can’t help but grin at Honey’s pose. Chilling in the cradle of her mom, Honey looks like she’s perking her chin over her arm. Like Sadie, Honey already seems to have a knack for a good photo.

And people love it. The latest member of the Duck Dynasty clan hasn’t been out and about for a month, and her account made by Sadie already has 198,000 followers. It certainly helps to have the Duck Dynasty lineage and context as a platform, but we can’t discredit just how cute Honey James Huff is either.

Duck Dynasty Star Korie Robertson Bringing Her Own Photos of Honey

Every grandma wants to spend time with their grandchildren, and Korie Robertson hasn’t wasted much time getting some Honey time. We can only guess about the stress of having your first child, so we imagine Sadie is more than happy to take a breather here and there.

On what was clearly a fun lake day, Robertson shared a tender moment she spent with Honey on the dock this past Saturday.

Cuddled up close to Korie and under the cover of shade, Honey appeared to be happy to nap rather than get up to much else. After all, she is less than a month old and who doesn’t enjoy a snooze next to the water?

Getting to see the development and love that the Duck Dynasty family is pouring into Honey is heart-melting.