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‘Duck Dynasty’: Sadie Robertson Huff Posts Sweet Family Selfie with Husband Christian and Baby Honey James

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Since she welcomed her beautiful daughter into the world two months ago, “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson Huff has frequently taken to Instagram to share updates with fans about their journey.

On Wednesday (July 14, 2021), Sadie was back on the popular social media site and shared another photo of her with the adorable child, Honey James, and her husband, Christian Huff. In the photo, you can see Christian taking the snap on a phone. He stands to the side of his famous wife as she holds their baby girl. They appear to be standing in their daughter’s nursery.

Along with the photo, this “Duck Dynasty” star also added this caption: “POSTPARTUM JOURNEY IS UP! On YouTube & Podcast! I tried to take what I’ve learned over the past few weeks and make it relatable to anyone going through a hard time. I hope my story can encourage you in yours! MUCH LOVE.”

Unsurprisingly, this adorable Huff family photo was a welcome sight to many. In the hours that followed its posting by the “Duck Dynasty” star it had landed almost 150,000 likes.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Recently Celebrated Two Months of Being the Mother of Joney James

Since Honey James was born, the 24-year-old Sadie Robertson Huff has shared many photos of her daughter via social media.

A few days ago, she posted a photo in honor of Honey James celebrating her two-month “birthday.” As many fans of “Duck Dynasty” are aware, Sadie and Christian welcomed Honey James into the world on May 11.

“Honey J is 2 months old today,” Sadie also shared.” We loved getting to share our birth story this week with all of you! Thank you so much for the positive response. It was amazing to relive all the miracles as we told the story.”

In addition to celebrating her daughter in this post, “Duck Dynasty’s” Sadie Robertson Huff also responded to fans who wanted to know about the music she listened to while she was in labor with Honey James.

“So many of you asked about my worship playlist that I had playing during labor and asked about the other ways that I had prepared,” Sadie shared. “… made my own playlist during the time I was pregnant with her. I would be worshiping in my car and hear a song I would want to pray over Honey or I felt peace in or strengthened by and I would just add it to the album. I will link my album in my story, but I honestly encourage anyone going into labor or in their own particular season to create their own album because of how personal the words became. …”