‘Duck Dynasty’: Sadie Robertson Huff Takes Honey James Huff on ‘First Family Outing’

by Quentin Blount

It didn’t take long. Just six days after giving birth to the newest member of the Duck Dynasty family, Sadie Robertson is taking her daughter on her very first trip.

The popular actress and her husband, Christian Huff, announced that they were officially parents on Tuesday, May 11. Sadie Robertson gave birth to the couple’s first child, Honey James Huff, following a challenging pregnancy that saw her contract COVID-19. But now the Duck Dynasty star is COVID-free and she and baby Huff are both great and healthy.

They are feeling so great and healthy, in fact, that they went out for their first family outing together on Monday afternoon. First things first, they had to make a stop so Honey could see her uncle John Luke at his new coffee shop. And then, they were headed back to the hospital to surprise their nurses with gifts.

“First family outing to @johnluke_robertson coffee shop and then on to the hospital to bring our amazing nurses and doctor some gifts.”

“Seriously, we couldn’t be more grateful for them showing us God’s love in how they served us with such grace and kindness at our stay! Making the most special time even more special. Doing your job for the glory of God makes a difference and they sure did make a difference in our lives!”

Meanwhile, Duck Dynasty fans were not exactly surprised to see Sadie Robertson up and at ’em despite just giving birth not even a week ago. They also thought that showing love to their delivery nurses was an incredibly sweet gesture.

“Gorgeous couple! You are a rockstar Sadie mama! And how sweet to show some love to the nurses. Have a wonderful day!!”

The Newest ‘Duck Dynasty’ Member Loves Sundays

According to Sadie Robertson Huff, her newborn daughter, Honey James, “loves Sundays.” The new mom took to her official Instagram account to post some adorable pictures of her baby girl. She also includes a sweet video clip of her rocking her baby to sleep while they listen to music.

With more than 4.4 million followers on Instagram, the Duck Dynasty star does her best to always keep fans in the loop. She did so all throughout her pregnancy by posting regular updates. And by the looks of it so far, she will be doing the exact same with her baby girl, Honey.