‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Posts Heartwarming Pic of Newborn Daughter’s ‘First Sunday at Church’

by Will Shepard

Are we at Outsider the only ones who miss watching Duck Dynasty episodes? Unfortunately, the show ended in 2017 after its eleventh season and we haven’t been the same since.

Since then, many of the family and cast have grown up and moved on with their lives. One of those people is Sadie Robertson. In November of 2019, she got married to Christian Huff.

On May 11, the couple welcomed their daughter, Honey, into the world. Sadie has been posting adorable photos of her daughter to her social media ever since.

So, the Duck Dynasty star, on Memorial Day weekend, took Honey out for her first visit to church. She shared an adorable photo of her and her husband with their daughter. Both Sadie and Christian wore jeans, but Robertson paired them with a cute pink blouse and a hat.

“Honeys first Sunday at church,” Sadie Robertson said. “I’ll give it a few more years before I get on to her for sleeping through the service.” Undoubtedly the couple is happy to be introducing their daughter to their church community.

Sadie Robertson Was a Certified “Duck Dynasty” Star in 2013 and Was Very Content With Her Role

Back in 2013, during the show’s filming, Sadie Robertson was only 15 or 16 years old. So, if you told her that only a handful of years later, she would be married with a daughter, she likely wouldn’t believe you.

The Duck Dynasty star told her fans on Saturday, May 29, that she was feeling nostalgic. Consequently, she said that she had been going through her old Instagram posts.

She loved to post photos for Man Crush Monday on Instagram. This is a social media trend where people post pictures about their affections for certain male figures. As the theme suggests, it happens every Monday. And Robertson loved to participate in the trend.

However, now that she has been married to Huff, she has a different outlook on those posts. She is probably a bit embarrassed now about all of those posts. But, she said that in the end, she ended up marrying the “hotter” and “sweeter” one. So, take that Man Crush Monday.

Not only did she give her husband a grateful shout-out on her social media, but she also posted a picture of the two together at a lake.

“We went through my old Instagram today and my 2013-year-old self did not miss a man crush Monday,” the Duck Dynasty star wrote. “I’m proud to say I married one hotter (& sweeter duh) than them all. 2013 me would be shook.”