‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Opens Up About Postpartum ‘Struggles’

by Will Shepard

Since the ending of Duck Dynasty roughly four years ago, Sadie Robertson has grown up a lot. She is now the proud mother to her daughter, Honey James Huff.

But, it hasn’t been the easiest transition into motherhood for the TV star. She gave birth in early May and has been documenting her life since then on her social media account.

Recently, the Duck Dynasty star posted to her Instagram story to share a “life update.” Robertson wanted to make sure that her social media presence was as authentic as possible. The reality TV star noted that social media “can be misleading at times.”

In the post, she talked about how she is still in the “healing process” of pregnancy recovery. She explained that he family has been crucial in helping her through this period in her life. On the post, she also wrote, “Haven’t really moved in the past 2+ days, and have been receiving lots of help from my amazing husband and the grandmas.”

Even with the struggles that she has been dealing with, the Duck Dynasty star has been vocal about the love she has for her daughter. For those who follow her, you’ll know how much she loves snuggling with her daughter.

But, Robertson explained that she is dealing with a lot of emotions since giving birth to Honey. She noted that it is certainly an up and down process.

“I will say postpartum has been so special in a million ways (truly), but the pain is real and can’t just be ignored,” Robertson said. “Learning to be still and accept help so that I can be the best mom I can to my baby girl.”

The “Duck Dynasty” Star Took a Moment to Share an Adorable Picture of Her Daughter

On Friday, May 21, Robertson shared an incredibly cute photo of her daughter to her Twitter account. The Duck Dynasty star has more than 1.7 million followers on her account. The messages she got in return were overwhelmingly positive.

Robertson shared the adorable photo of her daughter with her followers. In the picture, Honey is wearing a pink sweater adorned with a white heart. She is also wearing a cute pink bow on her head. Even though the bay’s eyes are closed, she has her mouth open in what can only be called the cutest smile.

Honey Huff weighed 9 pounds and 5 ounces when she was born. “Honey just wanted to say ‘happy Friday!’” Sadie Robertson tweeted.

Honey is not the only new baby to the Duck Dynasty family recently. In fact, John Luke Robertson and his wife, Mary Kate, welcomed a new baby girl named Ella in mid-April.