Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Shares Touching Story on ‘Intentional’ Love for Valentines Day

by Chris Haney

On Thursday afternoon, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson shared a heartfelt blog post with her followers about “intentional” love during Valentine’s Day.

Robertson shared four pictures of herself and her husband Christian Huff, but that wasn’t the focus of her post. She shared her thoughts on Valentine’s Day and what she believes is the true purpose of the holiday. Valentine’s Day is often looked down upon by some who think the holiday is only for couples. However, Robertson disagrees.

The Duck Dynasty star said she thinks Valentine’s Day is for everyone in a linked blog post.

“I think Valentine’s day is for all people, because I would like to think that the heart of Valentine’s Day is not relationships, but that the heart of Valentine’s Day is love itself. A day where the whole world acknowledges and is intentional about the way that we love,” Robertson wrote in her blog.

She’s encouraged everyone to spread love this holiday, whether with friends, family, or neighbors. Robertson suggested various ways to show love, including gifting chocolates, giving someone a hug, or cooking them dinner. She says that as you spread love to others, “you yourself will start feeling more loved.”

“Go out and LOVE today. Find your identity and purpose in that love today. If you don’t know where to start, I wanted to give y’all a practical way you can love today,” she concluded her blog.

“Valentine’s Day has a way of bringing up alllll the feels ❤️💔❤️😍🥰😭😅🤪☺️🙃😘 Can you relate?!? I wrote a blog encouraging you that no matter what mood you’re in or season you’re walking through what I believe the heart of Valentine’s Day is! Link in story ❤️🍓🤍,” Robertson wrote on Instagram.

Sadie Robertson Shows Off New Pink Hairdo

Last week, Sadie Robertson shared some playful news with her fans. The Duck Dynasty star posted a clip of her sharing her new pink hair with her husband.

Robertson revealed her new hair color by recording her FaceTime with Christian Huff. Fans can’t hear the couple talking in the video, but it’s obvious the two are excited about the new hairdo from their reactions. Robertson is grinning ear to ear, in addition to clearly saying “I love it!” when speaking to her husband.

Huff himself seems to love his wife’s new hair as well. As soon as he answered his wife’s call, he immediately smiles and his mouth drops. The couple share a laugh together, and both genuinely seem to love Robertson’s new hairdo. According to her post, Huff even suggested that his wife change her hair color to pink.

“Ever since our gender reveal party when I had pink paint all over me Christian has been telling me to dye my hair pink… today I surprised him,” Robertson added to the video.

“I HAVE PINK HAIR!” Robertson excitedly wrote as the caption of her post.