Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Shows Off Baby Bump in New ‘3rd Trimester’ Pics

by Matthew Wilson

“Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson is getting closer to her due date. Robertson recently showed off her third-trimester baby bump.

As she’s continued to do throughout her pregnancy, Robertson updated her followers on where she’s at on the road to having her first child. Robertson shared photos of herself with a baby bump and her husband Christian. The couple was all smiles, posing with their family pet as well.

On Instagram, Robertson wrote, “3rd trimester here we goooooo!!! EXCITED FOR THIS ONE.”

Sadie Robertson Updates Followers

Social media and Instagram has been a way for Robertson to inform and interact with her fans. For the past few months, Robertson and her husband have been baby crazy, and rightfully so. For followers, they could follow along from the very beginning when Robertson announced her pregnancy.

Of course, the pregnancy came as a surprise to the couple as well. Robertson found out that she was pregnant after attending a friend’s gender reveal party. The couple had decided to wait to have kids. But Robertson’s cravings and a test soon showed that the “Duck Dynasty” star was already pregnant.

Of course, Robertson was overjoyed to be a mother.

“I was freaking out — literally was laughing with tears running down my face,” Robertson said. “I was just overjoyed and I was just thanking God because Christian and I have said since we got married, we kinda left it in God’s hands.” Robertson continues, “…And so it was just such a miraculous feeling to know that I had a child inside of me.”

But pregnancy hasn’t been all fun and good times. The “Duck Dynasty” star has faced her share of struggles along the way. For one, Robertson contracted the COVID-19 virus last year and had to go to the hospital due to severe symptoms. Because she was pregnant, Robertson was at a heightened risk for complications related to the virus. Her ordeal gave her a greater appreciation for frontline workers and practicing safety during the pandemic.

Fortunately, both mother and child got well. And Robertson’s excitement for her upcoming child resumed. For the latest update on Robertson and her pregnancy, you can follow along here.