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Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Writes a Touching Post About ‘Humility’

by Outsider
(Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images)

Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson took to Instagram with some inspirational words of wisdom.

The reality star, who recently shared a throwback wedding photo, had some thoughts to share on humility.

“We have been doing a book club with @jenniesallen book on the LO sister app and last night we got to talking about humility and i can’t stop thinking about something…” she shared, lining out the difference between the words “humility” and “humiliation.”

She posted a photo of her looking like a “starfish.” In the photo, she’s wearing what appears to be a dark-colored jumper perfect for fall.


Robertson pointed out that there are different situations for either word that can change drastically based on their contextual usage.

“For those who walk in humility they allow humiliation to come, because they know that though they are weak GOD IS STRONG,” Robertson wrote.

“Those who walk in humility don’t live for their own glory, and so it’s not so detrimental when their own glory is taken,” she continues.

Sadie has been active lately on social media. Her family has also had plenty to say as of late. In a recent interview with People, Sadie opened up about her mother Korie Robertson. Korie believes her daughter is pregnant “every single time” the pair talk.

It seems Sadie is just as outspoken as the rest of her family when it comes to speaking her mind. If she’ll be spilling positive thoughts like this one, we can’t wait to hear what she says next.

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