All ‘Duck Dynasty’ Seasons Streaming on Fox Nation

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Lou Rocco / Getty Contributor)

Duck Dynasty fans can now stream the entirety of the hit show on Fox Nation. The demand subscription-based streaming service is rolling out a number of adventure programming in June.

Fox Nation previously released the first six seasons of the show on June 1. However, all 11 seasons of Duck Dynasty are now available for streaming. The A&E reality series follows the Louisiana-based Robertson family who rose to fame with their family-owned business, Duck Commander.

Duck Dynasty is one of the most-watched unscripted shows in television history. The finale aired in 2017, but Fox clearly sees that there is still demand from the fans for the show.

CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander, Willie Robertson, once explained to Fox News’ Sean Hannity what he thinks makes the show so successful. “I think it’s certainly the family values and something that people feel like they can sit down as a family and watch it,” he said. “And they watch it because they know that it’s not going to have a lot of garbage on it and then it’s funny.”

Other Shows Available on Fox Nation

In addition to Duck Dynasty, Fox Nation is releasing a handful of new shows on the streaming service starting this month. Network contributor and retired Staff Sergeant, Johnny “Joey” Jones, will host a new outdoor lifestyle series. Jones provided military analysis and political commentary on all Fox News Media Platforms since July 2019, according to Business Wire.

Jones’ series will feature notable guests in each episode in which the two will embark on a two-day hunting trip. Guests include musician Ted Nugent, UFC star Randy Couture, and country music’s Granger Smith. Additionally, retired four-star Marine General Walter Boomer and NASCAR’s Kurt Bursch and Richard Childress will be appearing on the show.

Fox Nation is also releasing season five of Brian Kilmeade’s What made America Great on June 29. The series features the FOX & Friends co-host traveling to some of America’s most iconic locations with special guests. Kilmeade and his guests’ mission is to reveal hidden history and shed light on ongoing controversies of each famous location.

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