‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Praises Wife Missy for One of the ‘Best Things’ He’s Seen in Their Marriage

by Keeli Parkey

Jase Robertson took to social media this week to praise his wife, Missy, for creating something he found truly moving. On Thursday (April 1), the “Duck Dynasty” star honored his wife on Twitter.

He tweeted the following: “This is one of the best things I’ve seen my wife do in our 30 years of marriage. Well done, Babe! @MissyDuckWife.”

Along with the praise for his wife, Robertson shared a link to the work he was praising her for. Turns out it is a blog post that Missy Robertson shared on her website.

Missy Robertson Shares Thoughts on Holy Week in Blog Post

The blog post is titled “From Commitment to Desertion.” It is a reflection on how the disciples of Jesus Christ felt during what those of the Christian faith observe as Holy Week. And, it’s a reflection on the acts of Jesus Christ before he was crucified. Missy Robertson recounts the events leading up to his disciples abandoning him as told in the Bible.

“I can only imagine this scenario as if it were with my own children. In my heart, I know that there is nothing they can ever do to me or against me that I won’t forgive them,” the ‘Duck Dynasty’ wife writes. “Disappointment, anger, even disgust are all likely upon a betrayal, but not a lack of forgiveness. I see Jesus’ compassion for these men. … the hurt he must have felt knowing they would all desert him in a few hours’ time. I deduce he even felt sorry for the feelings of guilt they would experience because of their actions. And yet, he still loved them and treated them as loyal friends.”

Robertson also talked about she and other members of the “Duck Dynasty” family took to the Holy Land during 2018. One place they visited while there was the Garden of Gethsemane.

“We walked the beautiful pathways lined with flowering bushes and trees. The colors, smells and beauty of this garden were breathtaking. …” Missy Robertson shared. “I remember being emotionally overwhelmed in this little garden. This was where the tide turned for Jesus. … where Jesus could have changed the course of the next few hours. This was it. His last chance to flee and come up with another plan! But he didn’t.”

Reading the blog post, it’s easy to see why Jase Robertson was so proud of his wife. She writes as a person of the Christian faith and captures many of the feelings Christians feel in the days leading up to Easter Sunday.

On Friday (April 2), which is also known as Good Friday in the Christian faith, Missy shared another blog post. This one was titled “The Lamb.” In it, she continues to reflect on Jesus Christ and Easter.

Fans React to ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star’s Tweet Praising His Wife

A few fans of Jase and Missy Robertson and the “Duck Dynasty” family joined Jase in praising his wife.

“Written to a tee! Beautiful! Happy Easter!!” one fan posted.

“You got a dandy Jase!” another said.

Another fan thanked the Robertsons for being an inspiration to him. “You and your father bright Jesus into my life. God bless y’all,” this fan shared.