‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Teams Up With Friends on Metal-Detecting Adventure in New Pic

by Chris Haney

On Saturday, Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson and his friends enjoyed the day out in the fields on another metal-detecting adventure.

Over the last couple of years, Robertson has taken up a new hobby. The avid hunter loves to duck hunt like the rest of his family. But since duck-hunting season only runs from November through January in Louisiana, he’s got plenty of time for other hobbies. That’s why he decided to take up relic hunting. That’s right, Robertson trades in his shotgun for a Garrett metal detector on occasion.

The Robertson family is well-known for their love of hunting. However, Jase says relic hunting has been just as rewarding as duck hunting. Here and there, the reality TV star posts about his other favorite hobby on social media. Typically he’s shared solo trips of relic hunting with his almost 600,000 Instagram followers. Yet yesterday, Jase posted a photo that captured himself and four of his friends relic hunting in a Louisiana field.

The five men gathered together to say a prayer before starting their adventure. With bowed heads, Jase and company gave thanks for their blessings, regardless of whether they found any buried treasures during their hunt.

“Always start your day by thanking the Almighty for His blessings. No matter our circumstances, He is faithful and to be praised. @garrett_metaldetectors,” the Duck Dynasty star wrote on Instagram.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shows off His Latest Metal Detecting Haul

Just last month, Jase Robertson was back at it looking for more buried treasures. Sometimes he may not find anything worth posting about or sharing with his followers. But on July 23, the Duck Dynasty star found a 100-year-old silver coin while relic hunting. Robertson seemed to find a Walking Liberty half-dollar silver coin minted in 1920.

The Walking Liberty half dollars were created from 1916 to 1947, according to CoinStudy.com. So Jase found a coin from one of the earliest years of its production. The coin website also shared more details about their value in relation to the city where they are minted.

“Values really begin to rise with the mint marked coins,” CoinStudy.com says of the coin. “Those minted in San Francisco and especially the Denver mint coins are highly prized by collectors. Half dollars are collected by date and by the mints that struck them, these two are elusive and eagerly sought.”

The value of a basic 1920 Walking Liberty half-dollar silver coin starts at around $11. But Robertson’s coin may be worth up to $50 to $400. If the coin went uncirculated, its value could rise to more than $2,600.

“It’s gettin’ real! @garrett_metaldetectors,” Jase Robertson wrote on Instagram along with two photos of his find.