‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Said Wife Missy Was ‘Questioned’ Because of the Way He Looked

by Chris Haney

While out of town recently, Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson and his wife were questioned because of the way he looked.

During a recent episode of the Unashamed with Phil and Jase Robertson podcast, the father-son duo spoke about numerous topics. Episode 312 of the popular podcast had Phil Robertson sharing his wife Miss Kay’s opinion on Botox. Jase talks about how the Bible can help bring people together when there’s so much hate in the world. In addition to other various conversations, Jase revealed a story from his and his wife’s vacation to Colorado.

As Jase explains, the married couple were staying in a swanky hotel. He says not many people in the establishment looked like him. In fact, a couple different people approached him in the lobby and amusingly asked what band he played in.

Fans of the Duck Dynasty family know their famous look well. From patriarch Phil to his sons like Jase, all of the Robertson men have thick, long beards. And typically they aren’t exactly dressed in three-piece suits, instead opting to dress casually, including wearing a plethora of camouflaged clothing.

On this day, Jase’s “look” got the attention of the hotel’s guests and staff. In fact, while he left his wife Missy to go to their room, she was asked an odd question by a staff member. As soon as Jase left, someone approached Missy and said they were doing a survey of the hotel’s guests. He said they were asking guests where they were from and why they were in town.

“I just thought it wasn’t very nice, and I think they were trying to figure out what I was doing. Because this place, these people had money. This place was swanky. And I just didn’t look like everyone else,” Jase explained.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Crew Share Hilarious Story About Someone Who Thought Willie Was Homeless

Jase Robertson didn’t seem to appreciate being judged for not fitting in with the ritzy guests at the Colorado hotel. But at least no one threw change in his drink because they thought he was homeless. Hysterically enough, that’s exactly what happened to his brother Willie Robertson.

While the Duck Dynasty brothers were at the airport one time, the pair got coffee while waiting for their flight. The men went and sat down like anyone else, but Willie got a surprise after not long. A man walked by and dropped change into his coffee cup because he thought Willie was homeless.

“I was there when that happened,” Jase said with a laugh. “The funny part with that was I was there too drinking coffee.”

“And somehow he looked worse off than you,” their co-host joked referencing the brothers’ “looks.”

“Yeah, despite being 80 pounds heavier,” Jase responded making fun of his brother.

“Willie said he looked down in his cup and the dude was just walking away. He looked down there and he had a handful of quarters in his [coffee],” Phil chimed in.